‘Cruiserweight’ Series at a Great New Price!

The Cruiserweight - L. Anne Carrington - Speak at Night 'Buy Now!' recommendationFor those who have yet to partake in The Cruiserweight Series’ first two books, The Cruiserweight (Night Publishing, 2010) and The TheCruiserweightsDaughter_cover_smallCruiserweight’s Daughter (That Right Publishing, 2012), here is your chance to purchase both books at their new price of 99 cents each!

This is a limited trial run to see how well the 99 cent price will appeal to potential buyers and readers. While The Cruiserweight is set for purchase only, The Cruiserweight’s Daughter may be borrowed by Amazon Prime members.

Klass Act, the series’ third book, is set for Kindle release in late winter/early spring of 2013. Both a promotional price and free promo are in the planning stages.