Book of the Week 1/7/13

FatalFriends_coverAnyone who either read some of my recent interviews and/or follows some of my social netowrk sites may be familiar with my affection for Ann Rule’s books.

I think I’ve read practically each one she’s written, and I am pleased to say that some of her latest work, Fatal Friends, Deadly Neighbors: Ann Rule’s Crime Files Volume 16 (Pocket Books, 2012) continues to live up to the true crime writing standards that is Ms. Rule.

Fatal Friends, Deadly Neighbors contains novella-length stories on cases of Susan Powell and Becky Zahau and child Maxfield Shacknai in addition to shorter accounts of equally fascinating cases; some familiar to true crime buffs while a few others are fairly new (well, at least to me). Like Ms. Rule’s other books, this is also a book one will have difficulty putting aside after reading one of its stories.

Her descriptions are vivid, the cases well-researched, each story told in such sublime manner, it’s almost as if the readers are there visiting the crime scenes or even inside the heads of each character – all of them real-life people.

To say Fatal Friends, Deadly Neighbors is a quick-paced read would be an understatement. I won’t give away details on each case outlined in this book, as it would ruin the element of surprise, which most book aficionados tend to dislike.

However, this is one book on which $7.99 (quite high for a paperback, but worth every cent) was well-spent. I highly recommend Fatal Friends, Deadly Neighbors for the true crime buffs in your lives.