Free Press Book Review/Book of the Week 1/1/13

TheBooksTheyGaveMePerhaps the best gifts an avid reader can receive are books, and many titles are featured in The Books They Gave Me: True Stories of Life, Love, and Lit by Jen Adams (Free Press, 2012).

The Books They Gave Me covers almost 200 books, featuring poignant, witty, touching, revealing, and a fascinating study between books and those who read them. Some books are classic and familiar titles, while others may be unheard of by some, yet curiously enough, are worth a few reads.

With the arrivals of Kindle and other e-reader devices, actual books are becoming almost obsolete, but there are still many aficionados of the printed world left who still embrace the feel, scent, and overall physical presence of a real book, be it a paperback or hardcover.

The media prints many “book lists” throughout the year, but the ultimate book list which will always stand the test of time are those featured in The Books They Gave Me. Most of the aforementioned list don’t feature stories like this book.

The Books They Gave Me is a timeless gift for any reader any time of the year – or to keep for yourself. I plan to hang on to my copy.

Rating: 5.0/5.0