Book of the Week 12/10/12

DavidsGoliath_coverThere is a saying that when we “have it bad,” there is always someone who’s battled far worse. The same can be said about the story of President/Executive Producer of Bishop-Lyons Entertainment David Lyons in his upcoming book, David’s Goliath: Winning the Battle Against All Odds (Leafwood Publishers, March 2013).

David’s Goliath tells the story of Lyons’ diagnosis with multiple sclerosis at age 47; instead of feeling sorry for himself and considering his life over, he pushed forward to turn a negative aspect into a positive one. Readers will be inspired by the story of Lyons’ walk along a Christian path toward unconventional healing during a time when other certain paths which could’ve shown him a dimmer future.

The book also details a debilitating, unpredictable, and often misunderstood disease in which the bodybuilder and former fitness center proprietor dubbed “The MS Bodybuilding Challenge.” Since his MS diagnosis and determined to overcome such a devastating personal blow, Lyons competed in his first bodybuilding contest, and won its Most Inspirational trophy – at age 50.

David’s Goliath is one of the most inspirational books for those dealing with less than ideal hands dealt to us in life – such as disabilities, illnesses, and other life-changing events – and shows we have two choices: either stop living and shut away ourselves or do what Lyons has done – live life to the fullest in spite of the aforementioned events.

If you’re seeking light reading, David’s Goliath may not be your ideal book; however, if gripping yet inspiring and uplifting true-life stories are among your reading list genres, this is one book that should be a must-read for 2013.