Book of the Week 12/17/12

happyandmerry_coverFor those of us who need a break from the hectic holiday season, it’s always good to take a break now and again to recharge our batteries. What better time than during those rare relaxing moments to read Happy and Merry: Seven Heartwarming Holiday Essays (St. Martin’s Press, 2012), a collection of joyful essays from the bestselling mother-daughter writing duo?

Like other Scottoline/Serritella collaborations, Happy and Merry never fails to provide laughs, particularly during a time when our emotions and patience are stretched to the limit. The stressors from shopping, cooking, gift wrapping, dealing with cranky relatives, baking, traveling, or even putting up the tree will melt away – albeit temporarily – while reading this delightful collection of stories as only these two women can tell them.

I won’t give away anything else (even if it is the season to share), but I can say with confidence this is yet another holiday-themed book which should be added to a list of must-reads during a time where another year is coming to a close and everyone needs a break from the moments of dysfunction which tends to accompany it. A few laughs can make everything better, and Happy and Merry certainly lives up to its title.

SEEN This Week 12/17/12

AOS101This week’s book, author, and event news:

The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo by Tom Reiss was named one of the Top 100 Best Books of 2012 by The New York Times. Click here to check out the complete list.

If you need something to heat up the holiday season, check out , a newly released M/F/M erotic romance by Heidi Lynn Anderson.

Kyle Hannah will be at the Trussville Public Library (201 Parkway Drive, Trussville, Alabama 35173) December 17, from 6:30pm to 7:30pm signing copies of his incredible time hopping Sci-Fi novel Time Assassins.

A drug-addicted street hustler spirals into madness, chaos, and destruction in this dark epic journey. Adult material. Get a peek at Teresa Vincent’s novel Running Blind and read the full blurb at this link.

Hurricane Irene evacuees and the Russian Mob create havoc in East Tennessee for Sam Jenkins and the officers at Prospect PD in Wayne Zurl’s Hurricane Blow Up. Sam locks horns with European hoods, a demolitions expert, and others in this newest Smoky Mountain mystery Available as an eBook or audioBook. Based on the actual murder of a narcotics detective.

Lorraine Holloway-White has decided to resurrect one of her blogs and promote one published book every week and possibly two a week. Books that fit into being of a sensitive or spiritual nature will be featured on both of her blogs. Interested parties may send two photos, one of the author and one of a book cover, brief bio, blurb of the book, and all links to where your books may be purchased. In return, she suggests featured authors promote her blog and links to her books for the duration of your feature(s). Photos as attachments to e-mails and everything else in text as a Word document may be sent to

Be sure to take a look at Don Martin’s blog, which features short fiction, author interviews, some book excerpts, and a few reviews. If you’d like to contribute work or be interviewed, be sure to get in touch with him.

More hot Christmas reading: Love, sex, romance, recipes in a love spell! You’ll find everything in Martini on the Blues by Brianna Martini.

Each book in Joseph Beekman’s paranormal-fantasy, sci-fi adventure trilogy of Little Orphan Anvil is 99 cents on Kindle and $2.99 for the complete volume. Stop by the “little” shop for author and additional information here.

You can finally see the cover of BLOOD RUSH: Book Two of the Demimonde by Ash Krafton. Stop by the Demimonde blog for a contest and a look at the artwork created by Duncan Eagleson for Pink Narcissus Books.

Matt Hammond had an article published on New Zealand’s leading online news web site December 10.


My News for the Week:

Behind Office Doors: Sex at Workhad a total of 526 downloads worldwide during the December 9-10 free promo weekend. Another free promo weekend is planned after the New Year.

Due to the Christmas holiday next week, there will be neither a column nor a Book of the Week featured. Both will return after the New Year. Happy Holidays!


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SEEN This Week 12/10/12

AOS101This week’s book, author, and event news:

Self-published authors – you could be getting dumped. Angie’s Diary featured a post December 2, and a recommended read.

Kristal McKerrington signed with No Boundaries Press. The Shadows, her wrestling erotica book, will be coming to an online bookstore near you in the New Year.

Novel Publicity has a new “Publishing House Partnership” program. To learn more about the unique and discounted offerings available to small and large presses alike, please send an email to

Find out more about Gerry McCullough and some other writers at this link.

Fifteen of Peycho Kanev’s poems are published in the new issue of pro culture magazine DIOGEN, which comes from Bosna and Hercegovina. Thanks to the Editor-In-Chief Sabi Hadzialic.

Terry Tyler has a great blog post on how to deal with negative book reviews.

Bud Dougherty will soon release Life’s a Ditch, which describes some of the changes he and his wife dealt with when they took off on their sailboat 12 years ago to explore the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, a.k.a. “the Ditch.” It ‘s the story of how they got to the beginning of the Caribbean trip described in his last nonfiction book, Dungda de Islan’ Go here for additional details.

Read a post on how to get over the post-NaNoWriMo blues at this link.

Check out Brian Hartman’s new short story Leaving the Union, available on Kindle for 99 cents.

My News for the Week:

A new erotic short story collection is out! Behind Office Doors: Sex at Work was released December 4 from Rising Temperatures Press. The book features four short stories of erotic encounters at the office. You can download a copy for $3.99 on Amazon or for £2.56 on .

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Book of the Week 12/10/12

DavidsGoliath_coverThere is a saying that when we “have it bad,” there is always someone who’s battled far worse. The same can be said about the story of President/Executive Producer of Bishop-Lyons Entertainment David Lyons in his upcoming book, David’s Goliath: Winning the Battle Against All Odds (Leafwood Publishers, March 2013).

David’s Goliath tells the story of Lyons’ diagnosis with multiple sclerosis at age 47; instead of feeling sorry for himself and considering his life over, he pushed forward to turn a negative aspect into a positive one. Readers will be inspired by the story of Lyons’ walk along a Christian path toward unconventional healing during a time when other certain paths which could’ve shown him a dimmer future.

The book also details a debilitating, unpredictable, and often misunderstood disease in which the bodybuilder and former fitness center proprietor dubbed “The MS Bodybuilding Challenge.” Since his MS diagnosis and determined to overcome such a devastating personal blow, Lyons competed in his first bodybuilding contest, and won its Most Inspirational trophy – at age 50.

David’s Goliath is one of the most inspirational books for those dealing with less than ideal hands dealt to us in life – such as disabilities, illnesses, and other life-changing events – and shows we have two choices: either stop living and shut away ourselves or do what Lyons has done – live life to the fullest in spite of the aforementioned events.

If you’re seeking light reading, David’s Goliath may not be your ideal book; however, if gripping yet inspiring and uplifting true-life stories are among your reading list genres, this is one book that should be a must-read for 2013.

Book of the Week 12/3/12

After taking off a month to devote my writing energies to NaNoWriMo, I am once again back to reading new books. What better way to restart my Book of the Week commentary than with Lisa Scottoline’s and Francesca Serritella’s newest release, Meet Me at Emotional Baggage Claim (St. Martin’s Press, 2012)?

If you thought Best Friends, Occasional Enemies was lighthearted and witty, you definitely won’t be disappointed with Meet Me at Emotional Baggage Claim.

Stories of dog ownership, finding good help (haven’t we all been through this?), dating, the struggles of staying close while living apart, all with witty, shot-from-the-hip quips as only these two ladies can pull it off with style.

Many will identify with the mother-daughter bond and the challenges that come with it as they read Meet Me at Emotional Baggage Claim, yet this book has a laugh out loud readability that makes it yet another delightful accomplishment. I am also happy to say that there are yet more Mother Mary stories that many will find equally amusing as in previous books, if not more.

Meet Me at Emotional Baggage Claim is the perfect book for the reader with a sense of humor on your holiday list. I can’t wait to see what these two accomplished and talented women write next!

SEEN This Week 12/3/12

AOS101This week’s book, author, and event news:

The official NaNoWriMo list of winners is posted. Click here to view and offer some congratulations. Be warned – there’s over 200 pages of winners. Congrats to all who met the 50,000-word challenge!

Are you a horror writer looking to get your work read? Michael Bradley’s blog has announced requests for horror anthology submissions.

Mark Browning has the great pleasure to have a book forthcoming from XOXO Publishing. This is science-fiction as you’ve never seen it before! Two time-twisting novelettes take one on a journey through other paradigms with unforgettable characters. The first, The Trees, is “hard” science-fiction following NASA fiascos that send three beautiful astronauts into New Testament times, while a fiendish plot in our future seeks to make the universe “pure” of life. Some will live and some will die. The second of these novelettes, The Stars are Rigged: the Sirius Paradox, is a zany romp of a parody, as classic evil from outer space is confronted by the three remaining witches of the future and their bumbling husbands.

See what people are saying about Tyner Gillies’ highly acclaimed novel The Watch: “First class…riveting…I made the mistake of opening it and I didn’t get a lick of work done until I’d finished it.” – Jack Whyte, International Best Selling Author. Get your own copy on Amazon.

Tom Gillespie’s novel Painting by Numbers makes The Bath Chronicle. Click here to view.

“Psychology graduate Heidi Harper is appointed to work with Professor Mala, pioneer of a new project to rehabilitate dog-reared feral child, Nicki. Heidi is soon asking questions and her mission takes on sinister overtones. As the truth outs, the lives of all concerned begin to unravel.” This is all part of one of Kate Rigby’s latest books, Savage to Savvy.

Here is a preview of High Noon in Fear’s Corner by author Edward Medina.

Melissa Bryan’s first two books have been released. The first is a collection of her experiences with the Paranormal and the second is a Christmas cookbook. Both will be out in wider distribution after January 15, 2013.

Adam Sifre was interviewed November 24 on the A Book Lover’s Library blog.

Lucy Felthouse made an appearance on British Romance Fiction November 29. She discussed her upcoming Ellora’s Cave book, A Taste of London. Click here to read more.


My News for the Week:

The Cruiserweight was one of five books featured on E-Novelist December 1. Click here to see a copy of the featured books.

I had the opportunity of being a guest blogger November 28 on Night Owl Romance. My feature, In Love, Age is Only a Number, can be found at this link. Its accompanying contest to win a copy of Beautiful: Four Short Stories of Curvy Woman Love, is open until December 14.

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