Why is Amazon deleting writers’ reviews of other authors’ books?


As some may know by now, some reviews of author’s books have gone MIA.

Apparently, Amazon has gotten the idea that authors reviewing books of their fellow authors spell “having a financial interest.”  It’s rather sad, because not only do most have no financial interest in mind while posting reviews, but also some indie authors have speculated one-star reviews that appear to be posted merely to damage their sales. Very sad that such a move is being done by Amazon, but luckily for some, sales and/or book ratings haven’t been affected very much at all.

A feature in today’s Los Angeles Times contained the following:

If emails from Amazon’s customer service team are a fair indicator, it appears the online retailer considers authors to be direct competitors of other authors. And email chains are all we have to go on, as Amazon did not respond to our request for comment.

On Wednesday, Steve Weddle, an author of crime fiction, blogged about how he had tried repeatedly to leave a nice review for “Karma Backlash,” a pulpy e-book by his friend Chad Rohrbacher, on its sales page on Amazon. Weddle’s review was received but never posted.

When he asked Amazon what was happening, Weddle got this an email reply that explained, “We have removed your review from Karma Backlash. We do not allow reviews on behalf of a person or company with a financial interest in the product or a directly competing product. This includes authors, artists, publishers, manufacturers, or third-party merchants selling the product. As a result, we’ve removed your reviews for this title.”

You can read the entire article at this link.