SEEN This Week 11/26/12

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and survived the ubiquitous rush that was Black Friday! With the holiday season officially underway, it’s time to support our indie authors by purchasing their books, whether for yourself or the avid readers on your gift lists.

This week’s book, author, and event news:

Here we are in the home stretch week of NaNoWriMo; the last days to hit the magical count of 50,000 words. Some made the mark long ago, while others are still hard at work. Best wishes and may all participants reach their goals.

Janet Wallach, author of The Richest Woman in America, will speak at the Museum of the City of New York on December 6. Go here and use the code Wallach126 for discounted tickets.

Lee Wilson, The Book Doctors newest Pitchapalooza success story, received a publishing contract. Congratulations Lee!

Jenna Jaxon was a guest on Melissa Limoges’s blog November 20. She discussed colorful condoms and her book 7 Days of Seduction. Like to add a little “color” to your sexual exploits? Come on by and check out the rainbow connection!

With the uproar of Amazon removing indie author reviews, self-publishers have an opportunity to share their stories at this link.

Congrats to Kristal McKerrington for both completing her latest novel Marie’s World and yet another recent appearance on TMZ (at the 43:00 mark).

Can you help support Gary Starta’s new release with a like at Barnes and Noble? He will be happy to reciprocate.

The King’s Ransom (Young Knights of the Round Table) by Cheryl Carpinello was an Ebook Children’s Fiction category finalist at the 2012 USA Best Book Awards.

Curiosity Quills Press featured a great interview with Randy Attwood.

While publishers play safe, authors are banding together to create new, exciting imprints based on quality and originality. Read more here.

Romance writers: a new romance anthology is calling for submissions.

Brian M. Hayden will donate $1 for every copy of Road to Transplant that sells in the Untied States to the American Heart Association. If you are wondering how he knows the things he writes about – he had a heart transplant July 9, 2012. Enjoy the book, and help a great organization.

Andrea Amador joined host Ingrid Jones for her WOW Mom! show on SOMA TV November 20. Moms need to know how their feelings about their body and relationship to food influence their kids. Don’t you agree?

One of Dane Cobain’s poems is featured in the latest edition of Street Cake. Read it here.

Mandy Ward’s children’s book, Where Are My Socks? has been accepted by Little Acorns Publishing. The Bandy Legged Sock Snaffler will be creeping into other people’s homes very soon!


My News for the Week:

The Cruiserweight’s Daughter ranked the following on Amazon November 24:

#26 in Kindle Store – Kindle eBooks – Nonfiction – Sports – Individual Sports – Wrestling
#73 in Kindle Store – Kindle eBooks – Fiction – Genre Fiction – Sports
#98 in Books – Sports and Outdoors – Individual Sports – Wrestling

The Cruiserweight was featured on Morris Pearson’s blog November 20.

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SEEN This Week 11/19/12

Happy Thanksgiving Week to parts of the world celebrating the holiday!

This week’s book, author, and event news:

Meet Me at the Emotional Baggage Claim by Lisa Scottoline and Francesca Serritella is now in bookstores and on Amazon. If you enjoy the Sunday stories, they’re collected in this series – with lots of new entries not published elsewhere, including tons of Mother Mary stories! Pick up a copy for yourself or give it as a gift – the holidays are right around the corner!

Want to know how to write a great ending to your stories? Be sure to check out the Writing Great Endings class, which runs November 28 through December 8. Find additional details here.

Join Roseanna Leo on 69 Shades of Smut as she asks which you prefer: a naughty librarian or a sweaty cowboy?

When your Kickstater project has just 20 days to go and you haven’t reached $2,000 in the goal to raise $24,000 you have to be skeptical about being successful. Randy Attwood thought it quite feasible to find 200 donors at the $100 level worldwide who would want a printed book done on a letterpress complete with artist etching illustrations of a praised literary novella. Here’s what may be a last Facebook pitch for the project.

Tis now the holiday season, so be sure to check out Lindsay Downs’ ebook A Christmas Surprise for only 99 cents!

Tired of piracy? Join the movement and invite your fellow authors to join Authors Against Piracy.

Chris Karlsen had a fun interview November 13 with Jesse Kimmel-Freeman. Click here to read.

Arley Cole treats us to an interview with a character from her award-winning tale The Blacksmith’s Daughter. Stop by for a read.

First six chapters of Alexander Galant’s NaNoWriMo work are available to preview for free on Smashwords.

Gerry McCullough’s short story Stevie’s Luck is included in the newly published and released anthology, Crime After Crime. Go here to get your copy.

Dan Holloway performed poetry and prose November 13 at the wonderful Afflecks Palace in Manchester.

Sarah Butler’s dazzling Ten Things I’ve Learned About Love is set to be published in early 2013.

Sharon Kleve interviewed best-selling author Serena Zane on her blog November 13.


My News for the Week:

Thanks to the amusing, talented, and incredible Splinker Smityh for interviewing me on his blog November 14.

Thanks to everyone who received a copy of The Cruiserweight’s Daughter during the November 17-18 free download promotion. I hope you enjoy reading it and your feedback is always welcome. Here are the weekend’s rankings:


#1 in Kindle Store – Kindle eBooks – Nonfiction – Sports – Individual Sports – Wrestling
#7 in Kindle Store – Kindle eBooks – Fiction – Genre Fiction – Sports

#4 in Kindle Store – Books – Nonfiction – Sports – Individual Sports – Wrestling


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Free Press Book Review 11/13/12: ‘Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness’

Before reading Susannah Calahan’s memoir Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness (Free Press, 2012), I never heard of anti-NMDA receptor autoimmune encephalitis.

Calahan brilliantly chronicles her illness, which began as a tingling and numbness on the left side of her body soon emerged into episodes of paranoia, hypersensitivity to sound, light and cold, loss of appetite, out-of-body experiences and erratic mood swings. Signs of schizophrenia or at least schizoeffective disorder? At first glance, it was a possibility.

The promising young journalist’s symptoms worsened until she was close to death, but a determined physician, celebrated neurologist Dr. Souhel Najjar joined her medical treatment team and finally gave Calahan and her loved ones a definite answer: anti-NMDA receptor autoimmune encephalitis.

Brain on Fire is perhaps one of the most real-life medical mysteries I’ve read to date; there are many illnesses out there which can mimic something far more serious, as Calahan discovered during her long month into madness.

This book can serve other readers – as well as medical professionals – to learn more about Calahan’s disease and life-saving treatments. Brain on Fire is also a story of determination and lesson not to take initial diagnoses at face value – subsequent opinions may not only find something far more serious, but also can be life-saving.

Rating: 5.0/5.0

SEEN This Week 11/12/12

This week’s book, event, and author news:

Karen Dales met amazing artist Howard Fox at the World Fantasy Convention 2012 November 3-4. This is one of his pieces.

Award-winning author Sam Cheever has a hot new time travel romance Hexually Obsessed. Check it out today!

Patricia Yager Delagrange speaks freely on her inspiration for Moon Over Alcatraz, a contemporary fiction novel that dares to address today’s issues. Read about it at this link.

Have you got it yet? If not, then don’t miss the chance to get an autographed copy of national-award winning author Faraaz Kazi’s awesome romance novel Truly Madly Deeply.

Kristal McKerrington made another appearance on TMZ November 6. Click here to see her at the 43.00 minute mark.

Peycho Kanev has a poem in a lovely book called Estuary: A Confluence of Art and Poetry. 26 artists and 57 poets from around the world have come together in this full color book to create an estuary of images and words, art and poetry flowing together. Click here for a preview.

Timothy Spearman’s novel Must I Remember is creating waves. This may be the book to end the Afghan War. Check out what people are saying about it on Amazon Kindle. Watch the book trailer here.

Second Helpings, a collection of holiday short stories and recipes, with Judy Davis’ short story, Danny’s Secret, is now available on Second Wind Publishing and Amazon sites. This is an enjoyable 164-page book by Second Wind authors and guests, and the short stories are followed by accompanying recipes. A great gift for the holidays for the reader and those recipe seekers!

Interested in doing a book trailer? You may want to check out It Matters Radio. In the next few weeks, they will be giving away two $100 gift certificates from Book Candy Studios.

If you like crime stories in cities like Pittsburgh, check out the Grit City Publications “emotobook” series here.


My News for the Week:

I’ve done it! Hit the first 60,000 words on Klass Act, the novel project I am writing for NaNoWriMo. How many words it will actually take remains to be seen, but to say I’m addicted would be putting it mildly. Klass Act is set for early 2013 release and will be The Cruiserweight series’ third book.

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SEEN This Week 11/5/12

This week’s book, event, and author news:

For those who managed to get through Hurricane Sandy this past week with little or no problems, it’s good to know you are all right. There are many who aren’t so fortunate, so if you wish to help, contact your local Red Cross for additional information.

The Countermeasure Series by Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey was chosen as Favorite Reads of the Year by Gaele Hi.

Pursued, a new mystery by CS Miller, will be released sometime between late November and early December 2012.

Stephen Pearl made appearances during the World Fantasy Convention November 1-4. He was part of a panel November 1 that took place at the convention.

Participating in NaNoWriMo and need some humor to keep you going? Click here for a chuckle on How Writers Revise, courtesy of the Writers Write Creative Blog.

Todd Brown was Alex Laybourne’s guest October 30 He shared an excerpt from his new novel Zomblog: Snoe, which was released on Halloween.

Phyllis Smallman’s fifth Sherri Travis mystery, Highball Exit, launched October 30. Set in Florida, it tells the story of bartender Sherri Travis hunt for a lost baby.

Sophie E. Tallis gave her readers an inside look at the wacky world of book signings.

Whats the difference between good and bad? Sometimes it’s easy to tell. Join Casey Sheridan at Reading on the Wild Side as she discusses the differences.

My News For the Week:

Check out my November 1 interview on A Sort of Mask, Richly Colored.

As of November 3, I passed the 30,000 word mark on my NaNoWriMo novel project!

I would like to thank everyone who took part in the October 27-29 free download promotion days for The Cruiserweight’s Daughter. The book placed in the top three in Sports Fiction genre and was #1 in Wrestling. If you missed the promotion, another will take place in mid-November, just in time for holiday shopping.

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Why is Amazon deleting writers’ reviews of other authors’ books?


As some may know by now, some reviews of author’s books have gone MIA.

Apparently, Amazon has gotten the idea that authors reviewing books of their fellow authors spell “having a financial interest.”  It’s rather sad, because not only do most have no financial interest in mind while posting reviews, but also some indie authors have speculated one-star reviews that appear to be posted merely to damage their sales. Very sad that such a move is being done by Amazon, but luckily for some, sales and/or book ratings haven’t been affected very much at all.

A feature in today’s Los Angeles Times contained the following:

If emails from Amazon’s customer service team are a fair indicator, it appears the online retailer considers authors to be direct competitors of other authors. And email chains are all we have to go on, as Amazon did not respond to our request for comment.

On Wednesday, Steve Weddle, an author of crime fiction, blogged about how he had tried repeatedly to leave a nice review for “Karma Backlash,” a pulpy e-book by his friend Chad Rohrbacher, on its sales page on Amazon. Weddle’s review was received but never posted.

When he asked Amazon what was happening, Weddle got this an email reply that explained, “We have removed your review from Karma Backlash. We do not allow reviews on behalf of a person or company with a financial interest in the product or a directly competing product. This includes authors, artists, publishers, manufacturers, or third-party merchants selling the product. As a result, we’ve removed your reviews for this title.”

You can read the entire article at this link.