News From That Right Publishing/Taylor Street Publishing

Many thanks to Tim Roux for passing on the following:

When That Right Publishing organized to accept authors who did not wish to remain with Night Reading and Night Publishing once management changed hands this year, they were addressing a number of issues, the main one of which was the contracts they intended to offer.

The Taylor Street contract is for all media and is a lock-in for seven years. The That Right contract is for paperbacks and e-books only and is entirely open – the authors can walk whenever they like.

No one knew whether ex-Night authors would accept the lock-in contract, so splitting the two contracts that were offered (while deliberately naming the Taylor Street community ‘Ninwriters’ so they could once again be combined). As it turned out, most authors did accept the lock-in contract so there are plans to bring the two communities back together again because it is a false split – but no one knew what would happen six months ago.

Over the last six months, there has been focus on new ways of promoting books, new ways of distributing them, and on movie opportunities.

In terms of promotions, these publishers have been adding blog tours and large book site advertising to the mix. The results have been variable but they are now hiring outside experts to blog tour books and the reactions of the guinea pig authors have been very positive.

In terms of distribution, there will be physically testing the Espresso Book Machine in Sacramento September 29 on six books and, assuming all goes well, all books will be loaded on there by the end of the year. There is also  an ‘in’ to the biggest book chain in the US and will be exploring how to get specific books promoted and displayed in-store via a specialist movie and book promoters.

As for the movies, one of the first books ever published under Night – The Wedding Gift – has been optioned for a six-part pilot TV series and another 6-8 TV movies from Taylor Street books are being discussed with a movie mogul.

The publication of books has been slowed by everything else that is happening, but now things are speeding up again. They are also making suggestions of the sorts of books they are looking for to specific authors, and you are responding magnificently. For instance, Jess Degarmo was informed they were looking for another paranormal romance, and she has just delivered the electrifying Blood Lust, which will be published in a couple of weeks.

Taylor Street/That Right processes don’t exactly work like clockwork – nor will they ever – but they are mostly managing to publish books within 6-9 months of submission rather than the 18-24 months most publishers offer.

All authors who belong to the That Right community are invited to join Ninwriters at this link.


Side note from me: I submitted my manuscript for the paperback version of Fifty in February 2012. Since everything with Taylor Street/That Right is obviously on a hectic pace, I don’t have an exact date for Fifty’s paperback release, but I am going to be generous and say maybe sometime in early 2013.

As for The Cruiserweight’s Daughter, I’m three-quarters through with its manuscript. While I’m aiming to get it on Kindle in mid-fall 2012 (or at least before the holiday season), I don’t look for the paperback to be published until at least 2013 as well.