Book of the Week 9/24/12

Book Description:

The rare and honest first-person account in Love Seen From Hell (CreateSpace, 2012) looks at 21st century romance, marriage with children, and divorce from a regular guy’s perspective. The colorful and addictive narrative delves deep into spousal abuse, the hopeless place in which a father finds himself during divorce, new beginnings, and his ordeal’s significance in retrospect. John Emil Augustine’s insight throughout, the result of his own tragedy and redemption, is nothing short of eloquence itself written in a very down-to-earth, casual way. This heart-jerking, wisdom-flecked story is a must read for lovers of fiction and non-fiction alike.

“Rare and honest” doesn’t even begin to describe the quality of Love Seen From Hell. This is a sublime story of abuse and bullying written from a man’s perspective, and is eye-opening. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to approach this book’s contents with an open mind, but after one chapter, I found myself wanting to read further.

Love Seen From Hell is one of the best non-fiction works written by an indie author with material that is open and heavy yet offers a great deal of wisdom. Some readers will see themselves in Augustine’s story, and his tale of abuse by his spouse is not only eye-opening, but also shows that men are also abuse victims, even though we hear less about male victims than women.

There is no question that Love Seen From Hell was a labor of love. It won’t surprise me that this book will make an impact on the indie book market. Personally, I would love to see it picked up by a traditional publisher.