Book of the Week 9/17/12

Dr. David Ley presents the cultural history, moral judgments and junk science underlying this alleged disorder in his book The Myth of Sex Addiction (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2012).

Among books on the subject of sex addiction, The Myth of Sex Addiction is a meat-and-potatoes book which emphasizes one accepting responsibility while offering fresh perspectives on sex addiction itself. What causes the disorder? How can one who suffers from it overcome the addiction and have a healthy recovery? How is sex addiction diagnosed and treated?

Many of these questions are answered in a clear-cut, concise manner without the sugar coating, while exploring ramifications of the sex addiction diagnosis and exclusion form DSM-V. Whether the reader recognizes themselves as a sex addict while reading this book or the loved one of a person affected by this disorder, The Myth of Sex Addiction has to wonder about the denial of how anyone can’t become addicted to sex, yet this book offers many clear, academic theories.

Despite its mixed reviews, I found The Myth of Sex Addiction a fascinating read. If you seek such a book with some good theories and arguments instead of basing “facts” on old wives tales or stereotyping, this is indeed a good book to start exploring the subject.