Book of the Week 8/20/12

Need to add something different to read on your late summer book list? ANTMAN! (Taylor Street Publishing, 2012) by Robert V. Adams has a very addicting plot that grabs readers almost from the very beginning.

ANTMAN! is not the typical murder or horror mystery; where most use poison, guns, or even knives, this is a story of a serial killer who executes her or his victims in a most unusual way – with ants!

I’m not sure how many of us want to meet our deaths by being eaten by hundreds of ravenous ants, but the characters are multi-dimensional, fascinating, and the book’s story line unfolds at a perfect pace – neither too slow nor too quickly.

I normally don’t follow horror or psychological thrillers, but books with different story ideas always catch my attention.

ANTMAN! is also easy on the Kindle budget – only 99 cents. Quality reading doesn’t always come at such a cheap price, so be sure to grab your copy soon!