Book of the Week 8/6/12

In times where there have been “take-offs” on various forms of pop culture and even books, Fifty Shades of Grey has its own hilarious spinoff via Michele Brenton’s (aka Banana the Poet) Fifty Shades of Blue – the trilogy (Prosochi, 2012).

Fifty Shades of Blue is small as a book (only 16 pages), but large on humor. It’s a laugh-out-loud adventure and a delightful read. One major difference between Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades of Blue is that the latter is actually well-written and not based on horrid Twilight fan fiction.

I’d say if Ms. Brenton didn’t have an editor before releasing this delightful work, then she did a grand job of it herself.

Michele Brenton has a gift for poetry, and Fifty Shades of Blue is another outstanding work that will cheer up readers who are even in the worst of moods. Buy it, read it, love it…and this version of Fifty Shades is only 99 cents!