Book of the Week/Free Press Book Review 8/1/12

The gradual death and destruction of a family is chronicled beautifully inGone to the Forest (Free Press, 2012), the latest novel by The Long Shot author Katie Kitamura.

Gone to the Forest reads like an extended short story, which is not a bad thing. Tom and his father are in the midst of a civil war with the area’s natives, and the arrival of a young French woman named Carine marks the beginning of their end.

The relationship between Tom and his father is strained, with personalities of the characters outlined very well by Ms. Kitamura. The book comes to life from almost the very beginning with overtones of of vulnerability that evokes degrees of sympathy and/or pity. Each character has authentic portrayal, and the story moves at a perfect pace without the clutter of excessive or unnecessary descriptions.

There is also the oncoming feeling of doom before the moments of destruction, which becomes more intense toward the end of Gone to the Forest as the natives take back the land.

What is best about Gone to the Forest is its cliffhanger ending. I have a feeling a sequel to this amazing book could be on the horizon in the near future.

Rating: 5.0/5.0