Book of the Week 7/23/12

I recently had the opportunity to preview some chapters of Kristal McKerrington’s upcoming novelThe Tennessee Prince and His Princess (That Right Publishing, August 2012), and to say I was impressed with its story line is an understatement.

The Tennessee Prince is the story of two people from different worlds who fall in love. two worlds don’t understand each other and don’t know each other very well. They know enough about each other to be unsure of each other. There is always stand offs and most don’t date wrestlers or entertainers.

The story efficiently blends the worlds of professional wrestling and street hip-hop dancing, something that isn’t always easy to do. This book has it all: love, conflict, competition, action, boundaries, hurdles…well, you name it, it’s likely in this book.

With this in mind, I wasn’t sure I would like this book – at least at first. However, once I got started on the sample, I just couldn’t stop. The pace is steady, giving readers enough time to get to know both characters and the worlds from which they emerge.

I think a number of people of both genders will identify with this book; the characters are well-drawn without the typical cookie cutter romance heroes and heroines; each of their stories are intense enough to keep the reader interested, and most important, even if The Tennessee Prince is fiction, Kristal McKerrington knows how to keep it real – simply because she’s lived it herself.

If everyone thinks I was impressed with what I got to preview, let’s just say I can’t wait until August to see the complete work. This is definitely a must-have book for late summer reading.


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  1. Thank you sweetie. Its great to see the book works. Been worrying it wasn’t going to be hot enough for the Queen of Wrestling Erotica.

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