Book of the Week/Free Press Book Review 7/10/12

A dazzling thriller based in the authors’ native Sweden, Some Kind of Peace (Free Press, 2012) is a gripping and addictive read right from the very first chapter.

Siri Bergmann is a psychologist who runs a private practice with her best friend. She is also a young widow who is also struggling with her husband’s death. She consoles herself by getting lost in both drinking wine at home and working extra hard at her practice. Siri has anxiety issues and is afraid of the dark.

When one of her patients is found murdered near her property, strange things start to happen. She is in danger, but anyone can be the perpetrator.

Some Kind of Peace is an insomniac’s dream novel. Just when the reader may figure out who the perpetrator responsible for the patient’s death may be, another curve ball is thrown. I was so much into this book that it took me less than two days to read it. Yes, it is that gripping.

The characters in Some Kind of Peace are drawn very well in addition to its strong and attention-holding plot. The book focuses mostly on Siri, which readers find is both hunted and haunted by a madman. Descriptions on the first two pages are a little overdone, but aside from that minor flaw, this is yet another thriller book I recommend to fans of this genre.