SEEN This Week 7/30/12

This week’s book, event, and author news:

Now available: Eyes on Tango (The Evans Family by Collette Scott. This is Book Three in the best-selling series.

Find an excerpt of PD Allen’s newest book, Murderer’s Sky; Book 1 of Under Shattered Skies at this link.

Cheryl Shireman’s newest book Cooper Moon: The Calling has just been released on Amazon.

Download the bestselling book How To Find A Job: When There Are No Jobs, 2012 Edition: A Necessary Job Search Book and Career Planning Guide For Surviving and Prospering In Today’s Hyper Competitive Job Market by Paul Rega and find out why it hit #1 in Job Hunting, surpassing What Color is Your Parachute?.

Fifty Shades of Blue – the trilogy by Michele Brenton is a rhyming mickey-take of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. If you need a cheer up and a snigger, this is the perfect book!

Comedy has stopped selling.When did the world stop laughing? Patrick Barrett can perk us back up with his latest Cuthbert Series book How Mean Is My Valley?

Hannah Audrey Warren’s very first author interview can be found on Indie Book Spot.

Author Wyatt McIntyre shares about his debut release The Last Dance at this link.

Check out Mandy Ward’s book The Necklace of Harmony: A Short Story Collection on BookBuzzr.

Taylor Street Publishing now has a page on Facebook. Stop by and give them a “like”!

Michael Brines published The Key to Happiness on Smashwords.

My News for the Week:

Over 850 copies of Cougars and Studs 4: Stranger Sex were downloaded worldwide during the July 20-21 free promotion weekend.


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Author Profile: Katie Kitamura

Asian ballerina Katie Kitamura would be the last person expected in the eyes of most to write about subjects such as ultimate fighting and the downfall of a farm. Her last novel, The Long Shot (Free Press, 2009), about ultimate fighting, has received great praise.

Her newest acclaimed book, Gone to the Forest, a gripping, psychologically intense novel about the destruction of a family, a farm, and a country, will be released by Free Press on August 7, 2012.


Katie Kitamura’s first novel, The Long Shot, was a finalist for the New York Public Library’s Young Lions Fiction Award. She earned her B.A. at Princeton University and her M.A. and Ph.D at the London Consortium. She writes for numerous publications, including The New York Times, Wired, and The Guardian, and is a regular contributor to Frieze.

She resides with her husband, Hari Kunzru, in New York City.



Video Discussing Gone to the Forest: Simon and Schuster

Simon and Schuster Official Publisher Page: Katie Kitamura

Goodreads Profile: Katie Kitamura

Twitter: @katiekitamura

SEEN This Week 7/23/12

This week’s book, event, and author news:

Please help Judy Ann Lashinski Davis get included in a Holiday Anthology by clicking on this link below and leaving a short comment on the short story entry, Danny’s Secret. The winner out of the three will be included in Second Wind Publishing’s anthology.

Bird Boy by Jeff Lee was released July 18 on Amazon Kindle.

Lenore Wolfe’s latest book Dark Warrior: To Tame a Wild Hawk was acquired by Ruby Lioness Press and is available for sale on Amazon.

James Piper’s The Protectors ranked #77 on Amazon in the Political Thrillers category.

Do you know a modern day Faith hero? Check out this blog post by Linda Rondeau.

Tom Gillespie’s publisher, Crooked Cat, will release the print version of his new novel Painting by Numbers shortly after the e-book launch

Dragon’s Bond and Dragons Redeemed by Berengaria Brown have been released in a print book. Read all the dragons’ stories in one book!

Mark Stone received a Starred Review from Publisher’s Weekly

In Search of Lucy by Tracey L. Alley has garnered some excellent reviews, including one which said, “Loved it! Couldn’t put it down!” Click here to get your copy from Barnes and Noble.

Five dollars will get you Manhattan AffairJack Sussek on either Nook or Kindle.

The Tennessee Prince and His Princess, the latest wrestling erotica novel by Kristal McKerrington, is among books set to be released by That Right Publishing in the upcoming months.

My News for the Week

Cougars and Studs 4: Stranger Sex now on sale at Amazon and

Cougars and Studs 4 ranked #44 in Kindle Store /Kindle eBooks / Fiction /Erotica during its July 20-22 promo weekend.

My July 17, 2012 review of The Real Escorts of America DVD is featured on (Side note: This DVD contains adult content and is only recommended for those 18 and older).

After almost two years since its release, The Cruiserweight continues to sell very well on Kindle.  The ranking on July 19 was #61 in the Kindle Store/Kindle eBooks/Nonfiction/Sports/Individual Sports/ Wrestling categories.

My December 2011 book review of The Butterfly Garden by Chip St. Clair is included in the References Section of The Butterfly Garden Wikipedia entry under “Book Review and Discussion”.

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Book of the Week 7/23/12

I recently had the opportunity to preview some chapters of Kristal McKerrington’s upcoming novelThe Tennessee Prince and His Princess (That Right Publishing, August 2012), and to say I was impressed with its story line is an understatement.

The Tennessee Prince is the story of two people from different worlds who fall in love. two worlds don’t understand each other and don’t know each other very well. They know enough about each other to be unsure of each other. There is always stand offs and most don’t date wrestlers or entertainers.

The story efficiently blends the worlds of professional wrestling and street hip-hop dancing, something that isn’t always easy to do. This book has it all: love, conflict, competition, action, boundaries, hurdles…well, you name it, it’s likely in this book.

With this in mind, I wasn’t sure I would like this book – at least at first. However, once I got started on the sample, I just couldn’t stop. The pace is steady, giving readers enough time to get to know both characters and the worlds from which they emerge.

I think a number of people of both genders will identify with this book; the characters are well-drawn without the typical cookie cutter romance heroes and heroines; each of their stories are intense enough to keep the reader interested, and most important, even if The Tennessee Prince is fiction, Kristal McKerrington knows how to keep it real – simply because she’s lived it herself.

If everyone thinks I was impressed with what I got to preview, let’s just say I can’t wait until August to see the complete work. This is definitely a must-have book for late summer reading.

Author Profile: Kristal McKerrington

Kristal McKerrington is a multi talented individual whose work isn’t just limited to writing books. She’s also been a street hip hop dancer, hosted her own web show, and her latest projects include co-hosting Romance and the Wrestler for Bishop-Lyons Entertainment as well as the upcoming release of her latest book, The Tennessee Prince and His Princess in August 2012.


Kristal McKerrington is a wrestling romance/erotica writer from Scotland, UK. who believes in breaking new ground and making a huge difference to people’s lives through the art of word.

She is the author of Freedom Is Earned, The Highlander With The Ink, a part of the Tattoo Anthology Volume 1, A Different Life: A Christmas Tale of Two Hearts, A Highlander Norse God: Leather Bound Hearts, part of the Sweet Christmas Anthology, Shetlands Immortals: Against My First Love, ‘Immortal Chief’s Christmas With King Arthur’, A Different Life: Three Lane Highway, A Different Life: A Valentines Save, Immortal Chief’s Search For The Shetlands Immortals, and the acclaimed book about dealing with dyslexia and rheumatoid arthritis, Burning From Within: A Day In The Life Of Kristal McKerrington.

Her books have been published at XoXo Publishing, and her upcoming book, The Tennessee Prince and His Princess, is set for release in August 2012 by That Right Publishing. .

In addition to being an author, Kristal also works with Bishop-Lyons Entertainment on Romance and The Wrestler as the show’s writer and co-host.



Web Site:


Amazon: Kristal McKerrington

Official Fan Page: on Facebook

Facebook: Kristal McKerrington

Twitter: @K_McKerrington

Book of the Week 7/16/12

When a free promotion for Kate Rigby’s She Looks Pale (Amazon Media EU, 2012), I was very intrigued to read this work, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

She Looks Pale is a sad yet quirky story written with perfect first-person descriptives. There is a childlike quality of Hannah as we read about her parents’ beliefs about the modern world.

A strong and memorable read, we find that Hannah’s only contacts with the outside world while being isolated in her home is either her mother’s past or the window. Which will she take?

She Looks Pale is relatively short, yet will have a strong impact on its readers with its excellent character development and strong writing. This book was just too good not to be a Book Shelf feature.

SEEN This Week 7/16/12

This week’s book, event, and author news:

Marj McRae is trying to get as much support for a book written by an Australian author. It is the true story of a boy and his sister taken from their parents and put in an institution staffed by nuns. They were treated terribly. This is set in the 50’s and 60’ss, when many of us were growing up. The book is titled The Pencil Case by Lorraine Cobcroft. Click here to view it on Authonomy.

See the health-care covers that didn’t make it onto last week’s issue of The New Yorker.

Rose McClelland shared an excerpt on Cathie Dunn’s blog on July 9.

Click here to view the trailer for Jim Brown’s novel Boom. You can also sign up for his free book offer at

Want a taste of Italian life? Click here to purchase The Diary of a Single Parent Abroad by Jill Pennington.

What are the worst fast food items to order? Several employees offered their insight in an article featured on Huffington Post.

Things continue to go well with Doug Bremer’s film project. They have screened 3,000 actors and auditioned about 200 live or via video. If you want credit as co-executive producer and get involved on the ground level in the creative process, be sure to send a message. Shooting is scheduled for August 4-20.

Be sure to check out Diary of a Fluffy Girl blog, the newest creation by author Jessica Degarmo.

Tim Queeney joined Richard B.Wood on the blog hop July 9 with a must-read article on website strategy for writers. Stop by and have a read.

So you want to be a writer? KW McCabe offered some perspectives in this blog post.
Doris O’Connor has written a very hot, accurate BDSM novella that continues the story begun in Riding Her Tiger, following the sexy antics of the owner of Club Ink. C”heck out the details here.

What if somebody like Indiana Jones fought in World War II? If this type of story intrigues you, be sure to read The Spear of Destiny by M.E. Brines.

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre dancer Julia Ericksonspoke at the National Museum of Dance in Saratoga, NY for Dancer’s Health Day. Go here to view a photo.

My News for the Week:

The Cruiserweight ranked in the Top 100 wrestling books in Kindle Store this past week.

An updated book trailer for The Cruiserweight’s Daugher is live on YouTube.

I am honored to have been asked by Kristal McKerrington to provide a quote for her upcoming book The Tennessee Prince and His Princess.

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