A New Venture: She Writes Press

She Writes is happy to announce a new venture:  She Writes Press.

About six months ago, Brooke Warner, formerly the Executive Editor of Seal Press developed an idea.  What if, she asked, She Writes started a press for authors who want to try their hand at publishing outside the traditional system, but who also want to be part of a high-quality, curated imprint?  And what if they started this press as a an offshoot of the She Writes community, so its authors could leverage the support, networks, and knowledge of She Writers from all over the world?

Authors would pay She Writes Press to edit, print and distribute their work, but She Writes Press would not publish anything that wasn’t up to a high, “She Writes-y” standard.

She Writes Press is not going to be a press for “other people,” people who couldn’t get a deal with a traditional house (which, these days, seems to have as much to do with pitching yourself to a marketing department as it does with the quality of your work).   That said, SWP won’t be the right press for everybody, and She Writes will always be here for ALL women writers, no matter how they choose to publish.

Each year, one to two projects will be chosen that they will edit, publish and distribute for free (in the spirit of what they did with The Passion Project).

If you think She Writes Press might be right for you, please, visit the new site.