Book of the Week 6/18/12

One of the best modern romance/erotica books with the right amount of steamy and sexy overtones, Learning Curve (BBW Romance) (Sweet Dreams Publishing, 2012) by Adriana Hunter is one of those books with a plus-size heroine that makes both a delightful and hot read.

Learning Curve tells of Suzie’s failed attempts at romance until she ventures into the world of online dating. The story is well-written and many women who can’t or won’t conform themselves to the pressures of being a size 2 is the only ideal will identify with the content of this book.

Adriana Hunter tells an excellent story and draws each character in Learning Curve magnificently. Insecurities of both men and women (yes, contrary to popular belief, men can be insecure!), an excellent buildup of the two main characters getting to know one another, and the overall lesson that looks aren’t the only factor to succeed at love.

While some parts of Learning Curve can be confusing to some readers and there are a few typos, the overall topic of this book will appeal to both the BBW community and those who admire them. There aren’t many of these types of novels on the market, so it’s always a delight when they’re discovered.