Coming Later in 2012: Sequel To ‘The Cruiserweight’

Many of you wondered if there would ever be a sequel to The Cruiserweight. After working on a few ideas, I am happy to say that the answer is yes!

Without further introduction, may I present… The Cruiserweight’s Daughter:

Autumn is now the grown-up daughter of the cruiserweight, but in the love stakes she’s a heavyweight. She is searching for two things: success as a wrestler, just like her father, and for the intoxication of intimacy – she longs for an injection of the real love her parents share for each other. Several failed relationships leave her disillusioned and alone.

She throws herself into an intense training schedule at her father’s school, and falls under the equally intense gaze of Michael, a wrestler with demons of his own. Will Michael and Autumn find their lifetime tag-team partner in each other, or will one of them submit and “tap out?”


Want a sneak peek of The Cruiseweight’s Daughter? You can read the first ten sample chapters on Authonomy or fReado.


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