Book of the Week/Free Press Book Review 5/29/12

In her debut novel The Butterfly Cabinet (Free Press Paperback, 2012), Bernie McGill uses her remarkable skills as an author to write a story based on a true event which took place in the 1800’s.

The Butterfly Cabinet tells of tragic consequences of child abuse, which results in the death of a child. The book is emotionally gripping, hard to put down, and blends maternal love and guilt. Many painful revelations are expressed in The Butterfly Cabinet.

Many secrets behind the death of Charlotte were kept for many years before coming to the surface via a former domestic employed as a young woman by Charlotte’s family – who is now in her nineties.

This book tells a haunting, unforgettable story of two women linked by a tragic, 70-year secret and is exquisitely written. If you missed the hardcover release in 2011, now is the time to read The Butterfly Cabinet’s paperback version.

Rating: 5.0/5.0

SEEN This Week 5/28/12

Message Display Flagpole Kit (no flag)Happy Memorial Day everyone! Here is the latest book, event, and author news from this past week:

Barbara Bentley’s writers group recently honored the winners of their Young Writers Contest. The winners were among a group of Grades 6-8 students.

.From the corners of a wounded mind by Theo Knell was purchased by publisher Hodder and Stoughton and then withdrawn from sale as they wanted to build it into a much larger book and republish it. The resulting new book entitled A Hell for Heroes is now five times the size of the original and will be published in October 2012.

Inhibition by Valerie Bowen featured on Delphina Zmom Miyares blog

ThreeM/M Short Stories: Volume One, the ebook by J.J. Massa, offers three stories for one low price on Smashwords.

Mark your calendars! On June 7at 7pm EST, Brenda Hastings and friends will be celebrating the e-release of Our Forbidden Love, book one in the Forbidden Saga.

Times of Trial by Cliff Ball is a parallel novel to Times of Trouble, but can be read as a stand-alone novel. Check it out on eTLC

India Drummond has written a trilogy and is outlining a second.

Dancing in the Dark: An Anthology of Erotica took Gold at the eLIT Awards.

Did you know that Simon Swift is listed more times than Peter James on the Waterstones web site?

Welcoming all readers and authors: Excerpts Flight Deck Group is a docking station for writing excerpts.

John Holt’s first four books were published by Raider in New York. Raider has an agreement with both WHSmith andWaterstones to provide shelf space for Raider books. His first book was published in 2006.

My News for the Week:

Cougars and Studs has been one of the top Erotica ebooks on Kindle on Cougars, Studs, and Cougar/Stud Erotica searches on Amazon this past week.

During the May 18-20 promotional weekend, 584 copies of Cougars and Studs were downloaded.

About twenty-five copies of Cougars and Studs have also been sold on Paid Kindle since its May 13 release – a little over half of those copies this past week!

The Cruiserweight ranked the following on May 24:
#62 in Kindle Store – Kindle eBooks – Nonfiction – Sports – Individual Sports – Wrestling

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Author Profile: Bernie McGill

With the release of her debut novel The Butterfly Cabinet set for release in paperback, Bernie McGill is a literary talent from Portstewart, Northern Ireland. The town is the location of real-life events which inspired Ms. McGill’s novel.


Bernie McGill was born in Lavey in County Derry in Northern Ireland. She studied English and Italian at Queen’s University, Belfast and graduated with a Masters degree in Irish Writing. She has written for the theater (The Weather Watchers, The Haunting of Helena Blunden), short stories and a novel, The Butterfly Cabinet.

Her short fiction has been shortlisted for numerous awards and in 2008 she won the Zoetrope:All-Story Short Fiction Award in the US. She is a recent recipient of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s inaugural ACES (Artists’ Career Enhancement Scheme) Award in association with the Seamus Heaney Centre at Queen’s University, Belfast.

She lives in Portstewart in Northern Ireland with her family and works as a Creative Writing facilitator.



Web Site:

Simon & Schuster Official Page: Bernie McGill

Twitter: @berniemcgill

Facebook: The Butterfly Cabinet by Bernie McGill

Slush Pile Reader Top 10 5/26/12

Here are the top 10 manuscripts on Slush Pile Reader as of May 26, 2012:



Rank: 1
Genres: Erotica, Romance, Popular culture, Other
Rank: 2
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy
Rank: 3
Genres: Romance, Mystery & Thrillers
Rank: 4
Genres: Mystery & Thrillers, Literary fiction, Crime, Religion & Spirituality, Popular science, Horror
Rank: 5
Genres: Memoir, Comedy & Satire, Adventure
Rank: 6
Genres: Adventure, Chick lit, Comedy & Satire, Popular culture, Romance
Rank: 7
Genres: Comedy & Satire
Rank: 8
Genres: Adventure, Comedy & Satire, Horror
Rank: 9
Genres: Adventure, Philosophical, Literary fiction, Science Fiction
Rank: 10
Genres: Romance

Book of the Week 5/21/12

If you’re looking for a different taste of erotica, Lucy Felthouse offers a sizzling story of a woman who can’t choose between two men in her latest novel, On the Prowl (Group Sex Erotica) (House of Erotica, 2012).

Product Description (via Amazon):

There’s a serious man drought in Jolene’s town, and she seriously needs to get laid. Fed up of waiting around for someone to come along, Jolene goes out on the prowl. It turns out to be her lucky night when she not only meets the handsome Blake, but his friend Pete—and they’re both interested in Jolene. Jolene can’t possibly decide between the two delicious men, so she decides to have them both—at the same time.

Vivid scenes, character development, and a plot that will heat up the reader’s night can all describe On the Prowl. Jolene makes a decision that some women wouldn’t consider, and she has a very hot time during her trysts with both Blake and Pete.

On the Prowl slowly unveils its fantasy, but the wait for Jolene’s moment with her men is well worth reading its beginning chapters. I’m not going to give away the entire plot, but let’s just say a cold shower is needed once readers finally put down this book.

SEEN This Week 5/21/12

This week’s book, event, and author news:

Christine Schwab laced up her sneakers and participated in the Los Angeles Arthritis Walk on May 19.

The ownership and management of Valley Strategies Ltd/ Night Publishing will change by June 15, 2012. Additional details about changes are explained in this article The plans of the new management for Night Publishing and Night Poets remain unknown.

Be sure to stop by and check out the new cover of Kate Rigby’s book Suckers n Scallies.

Read an exclusive preview of Theo Knell’s new book A Hell for Heroes Those who read his first book From the corners of a wounded mind wanted to know more. Theo’s new book pulls no punches, tells it exactly how it was, and in many instances still is.

The release day for Cheryl Carpinello’s new book Young Knights of the Round Table: The King’s Ransom is set for May 25-26. The paperback version will be released in summer or fall 2012.

Cliff Ball’s new book Times of Trial: an End Times novel (The End Times Saga) is now on Barnes and Noble.

The 90 Day Rule by Diane Nelson will soon be released by Pfoxmoor Publishing Click here for more details about the book.

Write what you know…that’s exactly what SS Hampton Sr. does in his gut-wrenching novels. See for yourself here

Jessica Kristie was interviewed in the literary magazine The Possibility Place.

Writer’s Digest named Alex Carrick’s personal blog as its web site of the week. Please go to the Writer’s Digest site and scroll down the right side of the screen. Writer’s Digest described Alex’s blog as “clean, crisp and entertaining. His stories range from humorous to thought-provoking, making it a fun read.” I agree!

An Amazon reviewer had this to say about The Forever Girl by Rebecca Hamilton “I often found myself comparing the Forever Girl to the Vampire Chronicles (Anne Rice)”.

Bestselling author Steve Berry visited the Gazalapalooza Author Spotlight with his very intriguing brand new thriller The Columbus Affair Can Berry stand the heat? Read the interview and see for yourself.

Mel Dent interviewed Gerry McCullough on her Lynchcliffe blog.


My News for the Week:

My latest book Cougars and Studs: Steamy Tales of Older Women and Younger Men, which contains ten erotic short stories, was released by Rising Temperatures Press on Amazon Kindle.May 14. Thanks to everyone who took part in the free promotion May 18-20. You can check out the new Cougars and Studs book trailer on YouTube.

There is a second book coming in the Cougars and Studs series. Preview the first two chapters of the upcoming Cougars and Studs 2: More Tales of Older Women and Younger Men and view its trailer here.

Fifty continues to do very well in Amazon Kindle sales. Ten copies were sold between May 1 and May 14.

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