SEEN This Week 4/30/12

This week’s book and writer news:

True crime author Ann Rule is currently working on her next books.  Fatal Friends, Deadly Neighbors will be out as an original paperback on November 27, 2012. Practice to Deceive, a hardcover, will be out in the spring of 2013.

Christine Schwab is working on research for her next book. Here’s a time frame hint. What did we ever do before Google? The writing fever has hit Christine when she starts making scribbled notes in the middle of the night and awake at 4:00 ready to go downstairs to her computer. Sound familiar to any of our other writers?

Game Over by Bill Moushey has received mixed reviews since its April 17 mass market release. Click here to find an interview with Bill discussing the book.

New York Times bestselling author Jen Lancaster’s THE TAO OF MARTHA: One Neophyte Homemaker’s Year of Cooking, Crafting, Decorating, Organizing, Gardening, Celebrating, and Generally Attempting to Emulate the Zen of the Ultimate Domestic Goddess; Or, Why I’m Never, Ever Getting All That Glitter Off of the Dog, was optioned to Tracy Bernstein at NAL by Scott Miller at Trident Media Group.

Three Merry Mysteries: Three Short Mysteries: A Sticky Affair, Million Dollar Murder, and Diamonds Aren’t Forever by Judy Ann Davis is now in paperback on Amazon and coming soon to Kindle. The book contains three short mysteries and two bonus short stories.

S.P. Miskowski’s book Knock Knock has been nominated for a 2011 Shirley Jackson Award in the novel category.

Chris Karlsen received a five-start “Top Pick” review for Golden Chariot at Night Owl Romance Reviews.

Nicholas Boving posted two new Maxim Gunn adventures on Smashwords: Maxim Gunn Downunder and Maxim Gunn and Sheba’s Necklace.

The Emory Wheel reported that college junior Michelle Izmaylov was contacted by Gilt Entertainment recently. Galaxy Watch, a novel she had published in high school, was selected for a three-year media contract and could be made into a film.

Dublin author Robert Craven was recently featured on Joe McCoubrey’s blog.

Mark of the Seer by Jenna Kay is now on Books A Million.

Amazon has taken quotes from some of the reviews William Talcott had received for The Mission and posted them on the book’s page:

“I have to admit that I bought this book because of the Authors last name, With that being said i was hooked very shortly after I started reading this book. ” LTalcott | 3 reviewers made a similar statement

“ For anyone who likes fantasy, mystery and action with a little soft g-rated romance thrown in this is a great read. ” Karen Doering | 2 reviewers made a similar statement

The Daily and National Geographic Magazine are among nominees for the 16th annual Webby People’s Voice Awards. Click here to cast your vote.

Ron A. Sewell has three more books in his The Collectors series ready to go, and is working on the next with number six planned.

Submissions are open in twelve different categories with no entry fee for the Forward Literature Award.

You can get Aaron Sawyer’sLord of the Mullets autographed $6.99 at his web site. There’s a limited supply, so act now! Click here to watch the trailer.

My News for the Week:

The foreword chapter from All the Way to Bone: My Walk With Severe Osteoarthritis is one of the April featured posts on Night Reading

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