Book of the Week 4/30/12

When Game Over: Jerry Sandusky, Penn State, and the Culture of Silence (William Morrow, 2012) was first released, I had the initial impression that it would be a “rush job” work meant to cash in on a current scandal. Even though I was right in a few cases, I was pleasantly surprised in others.

Game Over didn’t tell much that I didn’t already know from extensive media coverage of the Jerry Sandusky/Penn State scandal, I was pleased to see that it wasn’t written in a sensationalized manner. Evidence against Sandusky is very well-presented with some sublime investigative journalism.

The truth needed to be revealed without the sensationlism and fluff of tabloid journalism, and Game Over is just the beginning of what could be a line of books covering the Penn State scandal. While nothing is sugar coated in Game Over, it respectfully portrays all parties involved.

I admire the authors of taking on such a Herculean task of writing about what many see as a difficult and painful topic on which I’m sure was a very tight deadline, and able to do it in fine form. It will be a long time before we get over the heinous actions and the victims of them, and the upcoming Sandusky trial will just add to our curiousities. In the meanwhile, for those who want an unbiased story of what may be one of the most shocking stories of the decade, Game Over is a good place to begin.