Book of the Week 4/2/12

On the heels of success with her first novel The Wedding Gift, Kathleen McKenna brings another outstanding novel to her readers with Nothing Left To Want: A modern fairytale (Night Publishing, 2012).

Nothing Left To Want tells the story of Carey Kelleher, who was born into wealth but lacked the warmth of family love in which many of us are familiar. Her mother is cold and rejecting, her sisters are rarely in the picture, and though Carey adores her father and he indulges her materially, he too is distant and seems to never have time for her.

Carey is the girl who appears to have everything – but all she really desires doesn’t cost anything – love and attention. There is much sadness expressed throughout Nothing Left To Want, which Ms. McKenna writes beautifully and allows the reader to emphasize with Carey almost right away (though I wouldn’t have minded slapping some sense into her parents more than a few times).

This is not the typical cliche money-doesn’t-buy-happiness story; Kathleen McKenna develops Carey into a sympathetic protagonist and Michael the perfect (at least in my opinion anyway) “white knight” who brings her the much-sought happiness Carey spent her entire outward glamour-filled life searching

Nothing Left To Want is not an easy book to read; the story is a very intense one. It is, however, yet another lesson that proves that outside appearances don’t always give us the entire picture.