Book of the Week 3/19/12

Since I was on a true crime reading and TV viewing spree this past week, I decided to add Suzy Spencer’s acclaimed book Wasted (Pinnacle Books, 2008)

Wasted tells the story of Regina Hartwell, a wealthy lesbian caught up in the world of cocaine and looking for love in all the wrong places. When she meets 18-year-old Kim LeBlanc in a club, Regina feels she’s found the love of her life, but there is one snag. Kim is straight.

However, that one factor doesn’t stop Regina. She seduces Kim with lavish gifts and cocaine. Kim tires of Regina’s controlling ways, but not of the fabulous lifestyle that came with being with Regina.

Soon, Kim meets drug dealer Justin Thomas, and a volatile love triangle erupts – which results in Justin stabbing Regina to death.

Suzy Spencer the Regina Hartwell story in Wasted from Regina’s acclimation of wealth in her early years to the tales of deception, intrigue, and her tragic slaying. This book is written matter-of-factly, without sensationalism or bias.

She outlines motivations behind Kim and Justin very well, holding the reader’s interest, giving us all an underlying lesson of what can happen when one becomes deeply involved with the wrong people who have not-so-savory agendas. Wasted is another work that true crime buffs should add to their bookshelves.