Book of the Week 3/5/12

I’ve had this book in my reading queue for quite some time, and finally got around to reading it.

Another installment in the Kristal McKerrington “A Different Life” series, Marie’s Tales:I Just Want To Be Loved (XoXo Publishing, 2011) takes a look inside the world of Marie, an actress and street hip-hop dancer.

Marie leaves America with Cameron and gets things in motion for Craig. She despises wrestlers, but no one knows why. Craig decides he wants to get the true story on Marie, and a series of conflicts emerge before an ending no one is expecting.

I Just Want To Be Loved shows good characterization and conflict, as well as has a fast-paced story. It’s an easy-to-read book, even for those not into the street hip-hop dancing or wrestling scenes. Like the rest of “A Different Life” books, Kristal McKerrington combines just the right amounts of action and romance.

I Just Want To Be Loved makes some fun spring reader From Kristal McKerrington, I wouldn’t expect any less.


3 thoughts on “Book of the Week 3/5/12

  1. Good characterization and fast paced and action and romance and easy to read. Wow you have covered all the great bases on this one, Kristal.

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