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Kate Rigby’s oldest book is so old it’s historical. She began writing Did You Whisper Back? (Amazon Media EU S.à r.l, 2012) in the 1970’s.

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Set in the nineteen-seventies, Did You Whisper Back? begins with Amanda Court’s longing to be reunited with her estranged twin sister Jo. Following a false lead, Amanda leaves her Merseyside home and family and goes to Devon to work as a chambermaid where she believes Jo now lives. Amanda’s new life begins to encroach on her personal space and time, and her search for Jo is put on hold until Amanda feels Jo calling her back to Liverpool.

Gradually it emerges that Jo is, seemingly, just a figment of Amanda’s imagination arising from distorted childhood truths. She experiences a series of strange and sometimes frightening experiences, including lamps talking and the unceasing ringing of telephones, until the desperation of her family reaches breaking point.

Did You Whisper Back? is a psychological novel about family secrets and a disturbing portrayal of the fragility of the mind.

Awarded the Southern Arts bursary in 1991, Did You Whisper Back? brings out some of the best plots and sub-plots a good psychological story should contain. Many times I’d found the hairs raising on the back of my neck while reading this book..Just when I thought I’d figured out what was happening, another twist was thrown in to keep me addicted – which is what any well-executed novel should do.

If some readers weren’t around during the 1970’s, some of the references may be lost to them; however, Did You Whisper Back? could qualify as one of the leading late-twentieth century historical novels with a thrilling blend of twins, figment of imagination, family skeletons in the closet, schizophrenia, desperation, and exposure of truth.

For those who appreciate a good psychological chiller or two, Did You Whisper Back is one book that belongs in their Kindle libraries.

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