Book of the Week 1/30/12

One would think as we get older, all of our behaviors and attitudes change, but Dr. Erika Holiday shows in her book Mean Girls, Meaner Women (Orchid Press, 2009), that isn’t always the case – especially among women.

Mean Girls, Meaner Women outlines women who tend to trash talk, gossip, cut down other women from girls all the way into adulthood, and other hurtful behaviors, the reasons behind those behaviors, and how their targets can heal from the hurts resulting from such scathing remarks and actions.

This book is a riveting read, making women’s social worlds easier to comprehend and develop an understanding of why some act the way they do without all the frou frou and over-the-top terminology of similar books.

In many parts of Mean Girls, Meaner Women, there are many questionnaires posted for readers to raise self-awareness in many social situations with women with who they have established relationships. I’ve recognized myself while doing a few of them.

Once behaviors involving gender issues are recognized, Mean Girls, Meaner Women is one of the best books that can guide readers on how to make positive changes in not only making themselves better, but also dealing with those who hurt them in a more productive manner. This was an excellent book which both women and men will pick up many pointers on how to deal with their respective issues.