Book of the Week 1/2/12

Let’s begin the New Year with an intense, true-to-life book that everyone spent the last of 2011 buzzing about.

Many of us tuned in to the Casey Anthony murder trial and were no doubt both shocked and appalled with the verdict. Now trial prosecutor Jeff Ashton offers information never before revealed in his book Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony (William Morrow, 2011).

A review of actual case facts around the first 12 chapters or so, Imperfect Justice has an initial sluggish start, but the juicier details are saved for midway through the book. For example, if trial watchers thought Jose Baez pulled some dirty tricks during the proceedings, wait until they read Ashton’s accounts of what a true slithering snake Baez really is.The book also has an excellent timeline and some humorous moments one wouldn’t expect from a trial which brought out so many emotions in all of us.

The most redeeming feature about Imperfect Justice is Aston’s honest opinions, perspectives, not sugar coating anything, and even confirming many truths we already suspected. This book is difficult to put down once the stronger chapters are reached, well-written, packed with information and emotion.

For the few who missed the trial, Imperfect Justice is the best source to catch up. Beware, however, this account will make you all despise both Casey and her defense team even more.