SEEN This Week 1/30/12

This week’s author and book news:

Joel Mark Harris will be signing copies of his latest novel A Thousand Bayonets at the Beloit International Film Festival. The festival will take place February 16-19.

First Bitten by Samantha Towle is listed on free Kindle downloads at the moment if you fancy a copy. Be sure to leave a review what you thought of this book.

Stephen Pearl will have a table featuring his books at the Con-G: Guelph’s Anime & Geek Culture Convention, which takes place in Guelph, Ontario, Canada February 25-26, 2012.

Diane Nelson Diane Nelson shared her experience with Twitter on Hannah Warren’s blog January 24.. Be sure to check out Give ‘Em the Bird.

Have a look and pick up a copy of The Prodigal’s Foole by Richard B.Wood for only $3.99.

K College Tonbridge and Ashford spread the word about Teresa Geering doing a creative writing seminar for them. K College at Dover wants her to do a seminar as well. Want to see a photo of the Night Publishing book stand at the Learning Resource Centre?

The Belfast Telegraph posted a review of Edward John’s book, Murdo.

Sara Curran-Ross’ romantic suspense set in a French chateau in the Loire Valley called Sleeping Love has just been released by Hellfire Publishing. Check it out on Smashwords.

Magnolia Nights, a short story by Robb Grindstaff, appears in the latest issue of Palo Verde Pages, an Arizona literary magazine. The Palo Verde Pages: Volume 2, Issue 4 can be found on Kindle.

Killer Nashville: A Conference for Thriller, Suspense and Mystery Writers and Lovers will take place August 23-26, 2012. Click here to register and get an early bird discount.

Mick Ridgwell’s novel, The Nightcrawler, is set to be published later this year.

Amy Leigh McCorkle appeared at That Book Place January 28, where she signed swag and celebrated the launch of Another Way To Die.


My News for the Week:

The Cruiserweight was #52 on the paid Kindle bestselling charts in Wrestling books January 27.


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Book of the Week 1/30/12

One would think as we get older, all of our behaviors and attitudes change, but Dr. Erika Holiday shows in her book Mean Girls, Meaner Women (Orchid Press, 2009), that isn’t always the case – especially among women.

Mean Girls, Meaner Women outlines women who tend to trash talk, gossip, cut down other women from girls all the way into adulthood, and other hurtful behaviors, the reasons behind those behaviors, and how their targets can heal from the hurts resulting from such scathing remarks and actions.

This book is a riveting read, making women’s social worlds easier to comprehend and develop an understanding of why some act the way they do without all the frou frou and over-the-top terminology of similar books.

In many parts of Mean Girls, Meaner Women, there are many questionnaires posted for readers to raise self-awareness in many social situations with women with who they have established relationships. I’ve recognized myself while doing a few of them.

Once behaviors involving gender issues are recognized, Mean Girls, Meaner Women is one of the best books that can guide readers on how to make positive changes in not only making themselves better, but also dealing with those who hurt them in a more productive manner. This was an excellent book which both women and men will pick up many pointers on how to deal with their respective issues.

Author Profile: Joel Mark Harris

Joel Mark Harris is one of a group of indie authors who is recently following me on Twitter, and quite a multi-talented man. He is a Vancouver-based journalist, screenwriter, producer and novelist. Joel’s latest novel, A Thousand Bayonets (iUniverse, 2011), can be found on Amazon.


Joel Mark Harris is an award-winning British-Canadian journalist, novelist, screenwriter and producer. Born in Vancouver, he graduated from Langara Journalism School in 2007 and worked for the Squamish Chief newspaper before freelancing. At Langara, Joel got the idea to write a series of books about a journalist, the first of which is called A Thousand Bayonets. In the novel, a former war correspondent named John Webster maneuvers through the seedy underworld of Vancouver, trying to bring a vicious drug lord to justice. A Thousand Bayonets won an Editor’s Choice Award from Author Solutions.

In 2008, Joel went to British Columbia Institute of Technology for a public relations degree. After doing various jobs in the PR field, Joel wrote and produced Neutral Territory, a film about Henry Huge, who must return to his crazy Swiss family after falling into money troubles. Neutral Territory was nominated for a Maverick Award for Best Cinematography and Best Picture at the Beloit Film Festival. It won best feature film at the Interrobang Film Festival. It is also an official selection of the Beijing International Film Festival and the New York International Film Festival. Joel was nominated for best screenplay for Neutral Territory in the World Music & Independent Film Festival

Joel is currently writing a screenplay called Shots, a coming-of-age story about Carter, a teenager, who gets his first job at a coffee shop. He is also working on a sequel to his novel called Shame the Devil.



Web Site:

Twitter: @JoelMarkHarris

Facebook: Fan Site of Joel Mark Harris

Slush Pile Reader Top 10 Rated Manuscripts 1/28/12

Here are the top ten rated manuscripts on Slush Pile Reader as of January 28, 2012:

Rank: 1
Genres: Erotica, Romance, Popular culture, Other
Rank: 2
Genres: Fantasy, Adventure
Rank: 3
Genres: Romance, Mystery & Thrillers
Rank: 4
Genres: Mystery & Thrillers, Literary fiction, Crime, Religion & Spirituality, Popular science, Horror
Rank: 5
Genres: Memoir, Comedy & Satire, Adventure
Rank: 6
Genres: Adventure, Chick lit, Comedy & Satire, Popular culture, Romance
Rank: 7
Genres: Comedy & Satire
Rank: 8
Genres: Adventure, Comedy & Satire, Horror
Rank: 9
Genres: Adventure, Philosophical, Literary fiction, Science Fiction
Rank: 10
Genres: Romance

Book of the Week 1/23/12

For those who seek inspirational reading via true stories, one book not to miss this year is Stacey Danson’s sequel to her successful memoir Empty Chairs,, Faint Echoes of Laughter (Night Publishing, 2012). If the reader doesn’t walk away with eyes open to a world many never experienced, yet moved by its story, then the entire point of this intense book is lost on them.

Product Description (via Amazon):

…the shocking and spirited sequel to the much-praised Empty Chairs.

Life on the streets of Sydney was preferable to the nightmare Stacey Danson had survived in the hell that was home.

She hit the streets running at the age of eleven, and armed with a flick-knife and a fierce determination to live a different life, she began the journey from the 1960s to today.

For those that came to know ‘Sassy girl’ in Empty Chairs, and for those caring people that asked how her life worked out from there, Faint Echoes of Laughter continues the story.

For those that haven’t met her yet, this book stands alone as a tribute to the kindness of strangers, the loyalty of true friendships and the way things really are on the streets of any town …. anytime.

Like Empty Chairs, the story told in Faint Echoes of Laughter, this is far from a light read. Be prepared for gritty, to-the-point content that only a person who experienced such a life can write such a book that’s all but impossible to put aside for even a few seconds.

The kindness of strangers portrayed in Faint Echoes of Laughter prove there are still good people left in a world where it seems everyone is out for only themselves, making it difficult for the reader not to somewhat restore their faith in mankind.

Faint Echoes of Laughter displays strong determination to rise above the scars of child abuse while written with extraordinary compassion. It’s not a life easy to share, but Stacey Danson did it, combating her past demons in a way many of us couldn’t begin to think to do.

SEEN This Week 1/23/12

News from this past week:

Frank Hall at That Book Place is looking for more authors to participate in his Author’s Fair in March. Check it out here.

Faint Echoes of Laughter by Stacey Danson, the spirited sequel to Empty Chairs, is racking up the five-star reviews on Amazon. For the $2.99 Kindle edition price, it’s outstanding reading.

Unsafe Acts by Bill Kirton is set for release February 12 by Pfoxmoor Publishing.

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The Gentlemen’s Parlor – Room Of Chains by Geoffrey Knight will be released Wednesday, January 25.

Lisamarie Lamb’s writing group will be interviewed on BRFM (95.6FM), a local radio station, January 30 at 7:00PM. They’ll discuss their current project, A Roof Over Their Heads

Xchyler Publishing is launching March 1 and is currently accepting all types and styles of fiction. They would like to have a specially featured collection of steampunk and paranormal books, and currently are accepting Anthology submissions as well Genre- Fantasy Theme-Dragon. Deadline is March 16. You can also like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

The Show Some Fang Photo Contest is now running through February 22. Send a pic of your most vampy fangy pose and win great prizes, featuring some wonderful guest judges and a few pretty cool faces! Check out The Official Catherine Stovall Fan Page for more information.

A benefit show for missing Pittsburgh area man Jimmy Slack will be held February 2. The show will be a fundraiser for Jimmy’s family to aid in his search and hopefully bring him home safe. More details and performing act list can be found at this link.

Jamie Sue Wilsoncroft’s new romance novel The Unfaithful Widow is due out on April 15. Meanwhile, like the book’s Facebook page to receive the latest news.

All Male Romance will be one of several exhibitors who will appear at the 2012 Rainbow Book Fair Click here for a complete list of exhibitors.

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Author Profile: Bonnie Best

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a pet sitter or want to explore the opportunity of becoming one? Bonnie Best, author of The Real Poop Scoop on Pet Sitting: Create Financial Freedom Playing With Pets! (BookWise Publishing, 2010), shows not only how a pet-sitting business can be profitable, but also a lot of fun — especially if you love animals!


Bonnie Best has been a professional pet sitter for over 14 years and owns The Best Pet Sitting Service and BNME, Inc. She is a retired Veterinary Technician and spent several years as a financial coordinator and accounts receivable manager at a large 24 hour emergency veterinary hospital. For the past 30 years, she has been a professional dog obedience instructor, therapy dog trainer and has raised numerous champion show dogs.

After spending time as a cruelty investigator for the ASPCA, and organizing charitable events for abused pets and children, she dedicated herself to the education and awareness of pet care and training, for children and adults. She has spent countless hours with young children, teaching them awareness to animal care, animal behavior, and proper handling skills, in hopes to teach kindness. With her desire to continue in the animal field, yet reach out to her local community, she incorporated dog therapy training and handling into her obedience classes.

“Bringing a dog into the hospital environment is truly an eye opening venture. It amazed me to see that such a simple gesture can help so many people at different levels. Not only does the patient benefit, but more so the families, and staff. Without having to return to college for a career change in midlife, I have been able to just expand on my life’s passion, and continue to make it my career. For that I am truly blessed.”

With her high visibility in the community with her pet sitting business, pet training, and therapy work, she became aware of the need to help with local shelters housing victims of domestic violence. “I never knew how many different avenues I would find to apply my skills as a pet trainer and pet sitter!” This gave her the opportunity to set up charitable events to help with the animals being displaced in these situations, and start on her new mission of teaching women about entrepreneurship, self reliance and independence.

“Most women in domestically violent situations have no self esteem, regardless of their education or career. In fact, the careers many of these women have, are still very male oriented, and their employers can seem overbearing to them, even when they are not. These women just lose their self worth. I find teaching and encouraging any type of self employment opportunity, large or small, really helps to give one confidence, which is what these women need most.”

Bonnie’s other business opportunities lie in her own corporation, BNME, Inc., which she owns and manages herself. She has been married to her husband Rich for 30 years. He is retired from the Air Force, and is currently an Information Technology Engineer. They live in Gilbert, Arizona with their daughter Nikki, who attends college nearby. Her four dogs are her constant companions and office managers!


Web Site:

Pet Sitting:

Twitter: @BestPetSitter_

Facebook: The Real Poop Scoop on Pet Sitting