Book of the Week/Free Press Book Review 12/27/11

With the beginning of each New Year, a deluge of diet ads, TV commercials, and books begin to flood the market, but how many of those actually offer long-term results – or even get to the core of why some of us gained weight to begin with?

Internationally recognized behavioral weight loss expert Renee Stephens offers a more realistic and workable solution in her new bookFull-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food-and Your Life-from the Inside Out (Free Press, 2011).

Are you so emotionally addicted to eating that you would pull food from the trash? Like many who have an emotionally charged, unsatisfying relationship with food, taking food from the trash was only one of Stephens’ behaviors during her days as a food addict. In Full-Filled, she not only shares pieces of her own story and those of some of the patients she’d treated, but also outlines the five most common food triggers that cause overeating.

Full-Filled is not another diet; instead, it’s an easy-to-follow guide for anyone who battles food addiction, with in-depth views on how most people with weight problems get something out of overeating – how overeating and being overweight can be positive as well as negative – along with having unconscious objections to being slim (e.g. fear of unwanted attention).

Stephens also gives her perspectives on changing thoughts and behaviors related to food, how to begin to uncover “trigger” foods and situations, why so many people are out of touch with their bodies’ natural, healthy hunger, how structured eating can welcome freedom and comfort, and getting one’s “dream body” without the preachy descriptions of the ideal weight loss diet.

It isn’t even called weight loss in Full-Filled, but rather “weight release.”

Seven “slip ups” that are actually good for you? It’s true! Stephens also encourages not beating up ourselves when we backslide, but instead, use the experience to prevent future slip-ups.

In six-week steps which include journaling, Stephens’ “Dig In” exercises, joining or creating your own support group (she offers her own online Yahoo Group for support as well), pinpointing objections to becoming the person of your dreams, uncovering fears which drive you to overeat, Stephens’ “self-correction” , “re-do”, “pre-do” and “emotional freedom” techniques, and much more.

Nothing worth achieving is easy – especially facing our demons that trigger our food addictions – but Full-Filled offers helpful solutions without the judgmental, condescending, or preachy know-it-all attitudes.

For short term goals, any diet plan will do. For long-term results, Full-Filled could be your best solution.

Rating: 5/5