‘The Butterfly Garden’ by Chip St. Clair

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Fear rocked Chip St. Clair’s world. As a boy, he never knew what would set his father off–maybe the ice cubes had melted in his glass of Tab, maybe dinner was overcooked or undercooked or the gravy was too runny. Regardless, the beatings always came. As did the twisted games of cat and mouse–being thrown from a rowboat into frigid Lake Michigan, the middle-of-the-night moves to different states, or being left to dangle over a ten-story balcony while his father watched from inside.

But one fateful night when the police answered the call, the truth came to light from the shadows, sparking national headlines: Chip St. Clair’s entire life–his name, even his date of birth–had been a lie, and the man he called ‘Dad’ was an impostor, an escaped child killer who had been on the run for over two decades. The stunning revelation would send one of America’s Most Wanted to justice and another on a quest for his true identity.

With chilling detail and a riveting, lyrical narrative, The Butterfly Garden reveals St. Clair’s struggle to piece together his haunted past before it consumes him and shares his inspiring metamorphosis from victim to victim’s advocate. The Butterfly Garden is a timeless triumph, a reminder that hope can be the most powerful of all emotions, freeing us to soar despite the past and the odds against us.


Living through his own harrowing experience, Chip St. Clair  not only wrote this amazing book, but also founded The St. Clair Butterfly Foundation with his wife Lisa. The foundation helps children who suffered similar experiences heal through literature and creative arts. Chip also fights tough legislation aimed at combating identity theft and protecting children, having worked with fathers-turned-advocates Mark Lunsford and Marc Klaas, and most recently helping to pass versions of Jessica’s Law in Montana, Michigan, and Maryland. Chip received a US Congressional Record in 2005 for his advocacy on behalf of abused and neglected children.

He has appeared on television programs such as Dateline, Good Morning America, and most recently, the December 21, 2011 episode of Investigation Discovery’s The Devil You Know.


Web Site:  www.chipstclair.com

St. Clair Butterfly Foundation: stclairbutterflyfoundation.org

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