Book of the Week 12/19/11

In a world obsessed with celebrity, reality television, plastic surgery, and other traits of narcissistic self-indulgences, Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World (Vanguard Press, 2011) by award-winning journalist, legal analyst, and trial attorney Lisa Bloom brings into focus that women in our culture can be intelligent and have many options available to them – more than they had in previous years.

Instead of utilizing that intelligence, however, most of these women are wasting their gifts by auditioning for shows such as The Bachelor or Bad Girls Club, obsessed with the latest dalliances of the Kardashians, considering the next cosmetic procedure, and reading gossip blogs and magazines instead of actual books. In other words, they’re not thinking properly.

Bloom is likely preaching to the choir in most cases, and her target audience could be few and far between as far as this book’s intentions are concerned. Being familiar with the works of both Bloom and her mother, Gloria Allred, I am delighted to find a book emphasizing intellectual and educational choices other women have chosen. It’s refreshing to see such women think outside what is “popular,” and concentrate instead on what’s really important.

Think is added to my five-star reads on its merit of advocating the need to be more literate and written by someone sending strong messages today’s culture needs to hear – a culture of many who still can’t properly read or even write a correct sentence.

Think indeed makes us think, and will have readers walking away with a whole new perspective.