New on Lendle: Book Clubs

Everyone… meet everyone else.

The new version of Lendle was unveiled last Thursday, and the response has been positive thus far. There are a few more details about what Lendle has to offer, the biggest being the new Book Club!

Anyone can join an existing club, if it’s public, or request to join an existing club if it’s private. New clubs can only be created by Patrons.

As they exist today, clubs are a great way to engage in discussions with other Lendlers. There’s a lot to be done to make this feature even better, but Lendle wanted to provide a playground and then add features that will fit the way you play.

There are some obvious additions coming: moderation tools, a notification system, and the ability to associate specific books to clubs and discussions are all around the corner. Of course, the site has already taken note of some excellent suggestions that they’ll likely implement.

One of the groups started, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, has already pointed us in the direction of some great books. There are also clubs centered around Christian, Erotica, and Young Adult books, to name just a few.

Book Clubs will evolve over time, as more and more are added.  For now, Lendle’s staff hopes everyone enjoys their first giant leap into social territory.