Authors on Show Accepting Submissions

Authors on Show began in May 2010 as a showcase web site for authors who were yet to be published and seeking representation.

Within the next year, the original team dwindled due to other commitments, things changed as there was little time to check all the submissions that came in due to AOS’ resounding success. In the first seven months of its launch, Authors on Show was not only visited by top agents and publishing houses, but also its blog was nominated as one of the best writing sites in the world, placing in the top twenty.

Authors on Show is returning to its roots, aiming to showcase those who want an agent or a traditional publishing deal and seeks help to find the best books and writers.Ian Smethurst is stepping into the lead spot and it was he who suggested AOS change things back to its original concept.

Keep checking the site and blog for upcoming changes, and if you’re an author who would like to submit your work or have any suggestions to make about another author you think worthy of promoting, please send an email to