Publisher Profile: Slush Pile Reader

Getting your work noticed is hard, never mind getting it published. Everyone knows what happens to manuscripts that end up in the slush pile, right? In Slush Pile Reader’s slush pile, every single manuscript gets an equal chance.

Slush Pile Reader was conceived in San Francisco in 2007 by Johanna and Pascal Denize, and its beta site launched in 2009. A team of talented and inspired technicians, communication specialists and book professionals help SPR make great new literature available to the world.

There are no costs or fees involved in the process for either the readers or the authors. Slush Pile Reader will, like any reputable publisher, be responsible for all costs involved in publishing a selected manuscript; editing, printing, marketing, distribution etc.

Here’s how Slush Pile Reader works:

1. Authors submit a manuscript.

2. Readers read and collectively decide which manuscripts should be published.

3. Slush Pile Reader publishes, distributes and promotes the manuscripts that have been selected by the readers.

In July 2011, Slush Pile Reader published the first book under its imprint, Saint Peter Killed God by Karl Kronlage. The book can be purchased on Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble.

For more information on how Slush Pile Reader operates, check out the FAQ section.



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