Book of the Week 11/14/11

What happens to a man who is supposed to emigrate to New Zealand, but instead gets caught in a global conspiracy after witnessing a murder?

An incredible story of conspiracy, intrigue, and deadly games unfold in Matt Hammond’s exciting new book Milkshake (Night Publishing, 2011), a book I had to read for myself after hearing so much praise for Hammond’s work.

I was far from disappointed. Milkshake lives up to its reputation with a fast-paced, gripping, exciting, and thrilling story, its plot pulls in readers from the very first chapter. Who would think bio-fuels could be made from a substance consumed by humans on a regular basis…milk?

Just when we think everything is figured out in Milkshake, Hammond surprises us with yet another turn. Even for those not into scientific thrillers, this book is a good first to explore its genre. I’ve always been partial to books with original plots and story lines, and one that also makes us think is a bonus.

Milkshake is published by a small indy house, but don’t let that put you off. It’s a heavy hitter in not only its story content, but also brilliant writing. Matt Hammond is indeed an original thinker and story teller.

This is one Milkshake that can’t be drank, but is a must-have for your bookshelves.