The Writers Diet Test – A Helpful Editing Tool

With NaNoWriMo in full swing, I’m sure many of you are seeking new ideas for editing your work when the time arrives to do so (I haven’t been able to participate, since I’ve been working on my own books. I have a profile, but need to get a new password since forgetting the old one. Maybe next year, if I’m not doing another book.).

Since I don’t think there’s any writer out there who doesn’t need a hand in perfecting their work to get it publisher-ready, one tool I highly recommend – and have used often – is The Writers Diet Test, which can help improve prose and remove unnecessary excesses from your works in progress.

How does it work? First, copy and paste a writing sample of 100 to 1000 words and then click “Run the test.” What happens next is the sample is diagnosed on levels from “Fit and Trim” (the best result), “Lean” (also good) “Needs Toning” (some improvement advised), and “Flabby” (needs considerable improvement).

The Writers Diet Test will offer suggestions on what needs improvement should you get a “Needs Toning” or “Flabby” result. Many of us have our “pet filler words” (e.g. it, that, there), and The Writers Diet Test can help eliminate such fillers, with the results being a much more polished manuscript.

Want to learn more about The Writers Diet? Click here for ordering information.