Book of the Week 10/31/11

Long after I’d created a recommended reading list October 12 for World Arthritis Day, I discovered yet another reading gem in Christine Schwab’s Take Me Home from the Oscars: Arthritis, Television, Fashion, and Me (Skyhorse Publishing, 2011)

A brilliant account of her secret battle with rheumatoid arthritis, Christine Schwab appeared as a fashion and beauty journalist for 20 years on some of the top programs in the United States: Oprah, Entertainment Tonight, and Live with Regis and Kelly, among others. During most of her fast-paced career, she’d hidden her diagnosis from the public.

In Take Me Home from the Oscars, readers have glimpses of Christine reflecting on her past and understanding how she was able to manage to pull off such deception. Her turning point came after an evening at the Academy Awards being cut short due to unpredictable and intense pain from her RA.

However, readers don’t have to have RA or any other type of arthritis to appreciate the inspirational message of Take Me Home from the Oscars, but if you do, this is a book to add to your reading list. Many can identify from reactions to medications as Christine did, finding answers to controlling (or even curing) her condition, with courage, optimism, determination, all the while never slowing down in her career.

Take Me Home from the Oscars contains no fluff, just an honest look behind the public exterior of the Christine we’d seen for many years, not knowing her true suffering until now. This book not only inspires and motivates, but also the reader can’t help but root for Christine in her journey, including her current project of being a spokesperson for the National Arthritis Foundation.

A great story with “never give up” themes, Take Me Home from the Oscars is five-star reading for everyone.