Countdown to NaNoWriMo 2011

Have you seen the countdown clock on NaNoWriMo lately? The 2011 noveling extravaganza begins in just 13 days!

In preparation for this wild and wordy festival of writing, has been relaunched.  Come on over to today to view all the new features, including an all-star cast of pep talkers, the 2011 batch of web badges, revamped forums, and special noveling goodies in the store.

You can also find the local chapter closest to you, and catch up on news and events there in the regional forum!

If you know any young budding writers who would enjoy this challenge, be sure to refer them to the  NaNoWriMo’s Young Writers Program! Director Chris Angotti has cooked up the best resources yet for our 50,000-plus young novelists around the world.

Good luck to all who participate in this year’s challenge – and may you have much success in reaching 50,000 words in 30 days!