Book of the Week 10/3/11

A longtime work in progress, Mythic Blood by Shannon Lee is worth a look if you’re a fan of undiscovered dark fantasy and horror novels.

With a brilliant premise and marvelous movement through past and present, this is a book of death, decay, destruction, and all kinds of hair-raising story lines of the fourteenth century in between. I’m not normally a fan of this genre on a regular basis, but even I have to step outside my comfort zone now and again to discover untapped talent.

In a market saturated with vampire novels, it’s difficult to find one which stands out, but Mythic Blood does a good job with its degree of authentication and originality. Some of the events read so realistically, it’s easy to forget that this is a work of fiction.

The main character, Lucas, is quite the interesting one, with both a good guy side and a demonic nature. The way Lucas is drawn in Mythic Blood in no way makes him boring. Add in highly detailed descriptions, good story telling, and a blend of strong research and original imagination, and Mythic Blood breathes true life.

My only complaint is…why hasn’t a publisher yet discovered this book?

On a side note, Shannon is holding a campaign to help get her book to a publisher. Go here for additional details.


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