Book of the Week 9/26/11

When I first heard of Levi Johnston’s Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs (Touchstone, 2011), my initial reaction was, “Oh no, not another ‘tabloid trash-style’, mud-slinging book.”

While the latter statement could be true in some sense, Johnston sets many stories straight in Deer in the Headlights in the aftermath of being bullies, having lies spread about him, and even being dragged through the court system after attempting to bond with his son Tripp.

Five years dealing with the Palins and Heaths were clearly difficult for Johnston, and it shows in his poignant story. Johnston tells many of his experiences in a believable, mature and straightforward manner. If anyone is seeking gossip or any other types of fluff in Deer in the Headlights, sorry to disappoint anyone, but this is one book where it won’t be found.

Readers will also be left hoping he can spend more time with Tripp in the end; there is no question that Johnston is a sincere young man who wanted nothing more than to do the right thing despite fathering an out-of-wedlock child at such a young age. Adding to the pressure of being thrust into the spotlight with the Palins made life more complicated for Johnson, but another good thing about Deer in the Headlights is we finally hear Johnston’s side of the story – from his perspective.