The Artists Resale Petition

Thanks to Irish writer and poet Gerry McCollough for sending me this information.

For those involved with writing and the arts, you may want to read and sign the Artists Resale Petition, created by the Irish Visual Artists Rights Organisation (IVARO). The petition reads as follows:

“We, the undersigned, support the full implementation of the Artists Resale Right from 1 Jan 2012. We call on the Government to recognise that the inclusion of artists’ families and heirs in this scheme is of huge importance as they inherit the task of maintaining the artist’s legacy. Tasks include authenticating works, supplying reproductions and biographical information for exhibitions and catalogues, maintenance of an archive, conservation and storage. This is a time consuming and expensive burden for artists’ estates to bear.

Full implementation will make a significant contribution to helping artists and their families sustain a living and preserve our shared cultural heritage.

We also call on the Government to introduce compulsory collective management of the Resale Right to ensure that all resale royalties due to artists are collected.”

Though I’m not part of IVARO, I feel this is a very important cause, and like to encourage your support with your signature to aid fellow artists. It’s free and takes just a few seconds of your time.