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Given Lendle doesn’t have direct access to anyone’s Amazon account, lending
and borrowing requires some intermediary steps that they otherwise be able to avoid. With that in mind, there’s always going to be some confusion for new users as they start adding books, or embark on their first lend.

Most Lendlers seem to catch on very quickly, but Lendle doesn’t want to leave anyone behind – and they certainly don’t want anyone to get frustrated enough to give up.

To avoid that, Lendle created the first two videos in a series of screen casts which will offer step-by-step instructions for typical Lendle features. They’ll add more videos as they are completed, and eventually fold them directly into Lendle’s FAQ.

For now, they can be found on Lendle’s brand new YouTube channel. Bring some popcorn! (Not too much, though. The videos are short.)