New from Night Publishing: ‘The Storm Within’

Be sure to check out Jessica L. Degarmo’s latest books, The Storm Within, released September 11 on Kindle from Night Publishing.

Product Description:

Johns Creek, New York, deep winter, and Amanda Pickett is all alone in her remote house when a violent storm erupts, devastating the neighborhood, and bringing a tree crashing down against her back door, leaving her in the freezing cold and complete darkness when the power supply is cut.

As she becomes ever more frightened and isolated by her predicament, there is a knock at the door. Amanda screams, but the visitor turns out to be Raif Weston, a very handsome off-duty fireman come to rescue her and the other residents of Johns Creek.

They attempt to get to the shelter where the residents are being evacuated, but the storm is so fierce that they only get a short way down the road before they hit a tree and are forced to turn back, and so they both end up trapped in Amanda’s house.

“So, now that you have me here, what are you going to do with me?” Raif asks.

…. and the storm begins for real.

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