“Let’s Roll!” The Battle Cry of Post 9/11

Ten years after the most horrific and tragic event in United States history, many of us are looking back with mixtures of emotions ranging from fear, anger, sadness – and hope.

One account of the 9/11 attacks can be read in Let’s Roll!: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage (Tyndale House Publishers; First Printing Edition, 2002). Written by Lisa Beamer, the wife of Todd Beamer, a passenger on United Flight 93 who led a counterattack against terrorists likely headed toward the White House or Capitol on that fateful morning.

Lisa shares the story of Todd and his fellow passengers when they took initiative to stop the planned attack, with the end result of Flight 93 crashing in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, killing everyone aboard. Despite the loss of their own lives, those on Flight 93 did not die in vain; as a result of their quick decision to thwart whatever was planned by terrorists saved many innocent lives in Washington, D.C. – though many other lives were unnecessarily lost before the Shanksville crash.

Todd Beamer’s last known words, caught on a recorder, “Are you guys ready? Let’s roll!” became a battle cry of Americans to find hope and courage, even ten years after the attacks on the World Trade Center, The Pentagon, and Shanksville.

Let’s Roll! also tells of Lisa’s struggles with grief following Todd’s death while dealing with the responsibility of raising three children as a newly single mother. She not only turned to her own faith to get through a dark, tragic period in her life, but also founded the Todd M. Beamer Foundation, a program whose mission statement is aimed toward assisting children who lost their own parents.

It’s not always an easy read, but Lisa Beamer comes across as sincere in her book while the story of the Flight 93 passengers’ heroic actions is captivating. It’s not easy sharing one’s grief under any circumstances, but Lisa’s exceptional courage sharing her own with with the world gives us all inspiration to move forward. If there is a story that brings tears to the eyes of readers while giving them a sense of hope and faith during their darkest hours, Let’s Roll! is among those books even ten years after the 9/11 tragedy.