Book of the Week 9/5/11

“Addiction trumps everything. Even love of my children,” confesses author Joani Gammill in her book, The Interventionist (Hazelden, 2011).

Gammill tells a raw yet incredible story of her journey as a nurse in a rehab facility – as well as being an addict. During one of her most desperate moments, she reached out to Dr. Phil for help, and successfully received it. Now as a recovering addict and alcoholic, Gammill partners with Dr. Phil to help other substance abuse victims overcome their own demons.

The Interventionist is a clear, concise and honest book – nothing is sugar-coated in this story, which is the way most memoirs with addition overtones should be told. Addiction is an illness that not only can damage the lives of those who suffer from it, but also those who love them.

Within her own story, Gammill has also written details on her own personal interventions of others, which will help readers understand the actual effects of addictions and how many can be successfully overcome to lead clean, productive lives.

Not exactly light reading, but The Interventionist is a must-have for anyone who is struggling or knows someone with an addiction. This is also a book that should be on shelves for recommended reading at every possible rehab center in the world.