Penguin Group USA Presents Its Second “Read Pink” Campaign

Penguin Group USA returns with its “Read Pink” campaign in observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. During the campaign, Penguin will distribute as many romance titles as possible with a “Read Pink” seal, a familiar logo associated with breast cancer awareness.

Eight novels will bear the seal during the 2011 campaign, with participating authors Bertrice Small, Amanda Quick, Lynn Kurland, Catherine Anderson, Lauren Willig, Christina Dodd, Jillian Hunter, and Nora Roberts.

The publisher shipped 400,000 romances bearing the seal during its initial campaign in 2010, which contained information about the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

In addition to shipping books with the “Read Pink” logo, Penguin will also donate $25,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Additional details on the “Read Pink” campaign can be found on this page.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh: Writers Live Presents Shannon Cain

Winner of the 2011 Drue Heinz Literary Prize, Shannon Cain will visit the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Main Branch, 4400 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA on Thursday, October 6. She will present her debut collection The Necessity of Certain Behaviors.

Go here to register. Free admission will be from 6:00-7:00PM.

If you are unable to attend this event, Shannon will also make an appearance October 3 at 7:00PM at Barnes & Noble Cafe on Forbes Avenue & Washington Place near Duquesne University as part of its Coffee House Reading Series.

Amazon Unveils $199 Kindle Fire Tablet

According to today’s Bloomberg Businessweek, Amazon has released its Kindle Fire computer tablet, sparking competition for the Apple iPad.

In contrast to the iPad, whose cheapest model sells for $499, retail price of Kindle Fire is $199. The tricked-out version of original Amazon Kindle features a 7-inch color display and runs Android.

Though Kindle Fire doesn’t have an embedded camera, microphone or 3G access, it offers Wi-Fi connectivity and a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime, the company’s $79-a-year membership service that includes streaming video and free two-day shipping.

More details can be found in the Bloomberg Businessweek article.

Bellevue Literary Review 10th Anniversary Celebration

Please join Bellevue Literary Review on October 30 from 5:00 -7:00PM for an evening of poetry and prose to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Bellevue Literary Review. The reading will take place at Bellevue Hospital—perhaps the most unique venue for great literature in New York City. Featured readers include Pulitzer-Prize winners Paul Harding and David Oshinsky, renowned poet Hal Sirowitz, and novelist Louise Blecher Rose.

The event is free and open to the public, and refreshments will be served.

More information:

Phone: 212-263-3973


Bellevue Hospital – Rotunda
1st Avenue at 28th Street
New York, NY

A unique contribution to both literature and medicine, the Bellevue Literary Review publishes works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry that touch upon relationships to illness, health, and healing. BLR’s expanded 10th anniversary issue features new poems by Edward Hirsch, Cornelius Eady, and Naomi Shihab Nye, as well as essays by Paul Harding, David Oshinsky, and Rafael Campo on the theme of “Illness as Muse.” This theme describes succinctly the fabric of the BLR—how illness, health, and healing not only inspire the sharing of stories but also rouse creativity in exciting and innovative ways.

About the Readers

Paul Harding’s novel, Tinkers, published by the Bellevue Literary Press, won the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for fiction. He is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship and the PEN/Robert Bingham Fellowship for Writers. He has taught writing at Harvard University, The Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and Grinnell College. His second novel, Enon, is forthcoming.

David Oshinsky holds the Jack S. Blanton Chair in History at the University of Texas and is a Distinguished Scholar in Residence at New York University. His books include Polio: An American Story, which won the Pulitzer Prize for History in 2006. His essays and reviews appear regularly in the New York Times and other publications.

Louise Blecher Rose has published a novel, The Launching of Barbara Fabrikant, and a number of stories in Redbook Magazine. She taught in the Columbia Undergraduate Writing program for twenty-five years, received an NEA grant for a second novel, and is currently teaching literature and creative writing in Brooklyn and Patchogue at St. Joseph’s College.

Hal Sirowitz is the author of four collections of poetry, with one forthcoming from Backwaters Press in Nebraska. He also has poems in an anthology, Beauty Is a Verb, which is about disabilities.

SEEN This Week 9/26/11

The first week of autumn is upon us, and new releases should be hitting book shelves and online stores soon, if they already haven’t. Here’s the latest happenings from this past week:

Something worth reading on if you’re a writer. Do we write because we love words or simply because we want to be noticed, to connect? (Thanks to Kenneth Weene for passing along the link)

If you are an indie author, you might want to check out this great opportunity to get seen by readers/bloggers/and others for Adopt an Indie Month – November 2011.

This week’s feature from September 25 – October 2 on my Authors On Show page is Donna Andersen, author of Love Fraud and the upcoming Red Flags of Love Fraud — 10 signs you’re dating a sociopath. More information on her books can be found at this link.

Former President Bill Clinton has written a new book, Back to Work. In it, he discusses the economy’s current state and what it would take to return American people back into the job market.

Congratulations to Teresa Geering, who claimed the number one spot on Goodreads’ Best Time Travel Romance this past week.

Simon Swift has an interview up on the Sons of Spade blog – a great site dedicated to literary private detectives across the ages.

Violet Jones’ American Girl is now for sale on Amazon.

Oliver Ross’ fiction comedy A Year in the Life of Some Guy is now available for pre-order on .

A review of John Holt’s book Epidemic appeared in an issue of New Books Magazine. You can also see a photo of John during a recent book signing here.

Do you have news you’d like to see in an upcoming column? Either post it on a related site or email before the following week. Also follow me on Twitter @lacarrington1.

Book of the Week 9/26/11

When I first heard of Levi Johnston’s Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs (Touchstone, 2011), my initial reaction was, “Oh no, not another ‘tabloid trash-style’, mud-slinging book.”

While the latter statement could be true in some sense, Johnston sets many stories straight in Deer in the Headlights in the aftermath of being bullies, having lies spread about him, and even being dragged through the court system after attempting to bond with his son Tripp.

Five years dealing with the Palins and Heaths were clearly difficult for Johnston, and it shows in his poignant story. Johnston tells many of his experiences in a believable, mature and straightforward manner. If anyone is seeking gossip or any other types of fluff in Deer in the Headlights, sorry to disappoint anyone, but this is one book where it won’t be found.

Readers will also be left hoping he can spend more time with Tripp in the end; there is no question that Johnston is a sincere young man who wanted nothing more than to do the right thing despite fathering an out-of-wedlock child at such a young age. Adding to the pressure of being thrust into the spotlight with the Palins made life more complicated for Johnson, but another good thing about Deer in the Headlights is we finally hear Johnston’s side of the story – from his perspective.

The Artists Resale Petition

Thanks to Irish writer and poet Gerry McCollough for sending me this information.

For those involved with writing and the arts, you may want to read and sign the Artists Resale Petition, created by the Irish Visual Artists Rights Organisation (IVARO). The petition reads as follows:

“We, the undersigned, support the full implementation of the Artists Resale Right from 1 Jan 2012. We call on the Government to recognise that the inclusion of artists’ families and heirs in this scheme is of huge importance as they inherit the task of maintaining the artist’s legacy. Tasks include authenticating works, supplying reproductions and biographical information for exhibitions and catalogues, maintenance of an archive, conservation and storage. This is a time consuming and expensive burden for artists’ estates to bear.

Full implementation will make a significant contribution to helping artists and their families sustain a living and preserve our shared cultural heritage.

We also call on the Government to introduce compulsory collective management of the Resale Right to ensure that all resale royalties due to artists are collected.”

Though I’m not part of IVARO, I feel this is a very important cause, and like to encourage your support with your signature to aid fellow artists. It’s free and takes just a few seconds of your time.