Casey Anthony Prosecutor Pens Book on Infamous Case

It was bound to happen soon, but who knew an attorney would beat an acquitted defendant to the punch in telling their story?

Jeff Ashton, one of the lead prosecutors in the Casey Anthony murder trial, is writing a book about the case with the most controversial verdict since OJ Simpson.

Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony will contain details about the trial never before made public, and why Ashton still believes Casey is guilty.

Imperfect Justice is scheduled for release in November 2011 by publisher William Morrow & Company. Pre-orders for the book can be found on Barnes and Noble as well as on Amazon.

Some early book trivia: Imperfect Justice is already #1 on Amazon’s best seller lists in Books: Nonfiction, True Accounts, Murder & Mayhem before the book even hits store shelves!