Speak Without Interruption Promotion Selections and Schedules Announced

From Bob Grant at Speak Without Interruption

Authors who will be featured on Speak Without Interruption and Speak at Night Kindle promotion was released today:


“SWI featured author of the week” Promo (Weekly) Schedule:

15/08/11 Minnette Coleman

22/08/11 Steve Sangirardi

29/08/11 George Polley

05/09/11 Soooz Burke

12/09/11 Tantra Bensko

19/09/11 Carla Rene

26/09/11 Julie Ann Dawson

03/10/11 Bob Ellal

10/10/11 L. Anne Carrington

17/10/11 Georgia Daniels

24/10/11 Russell Bittner

31/10/11 Paul Perry

07/11/11 Robert Walker

14/11/11 Richard Cahill

21/11/11 John Daniel

28/11/11 Mel Nicolai

05/12/11 Lloyd Lofthouse

12/12/11 Tim Roux

19/12/11 Jascha Kessler

26/12/11 Sandy Rochelle

02/01/12 Brendan Gisby

“Speak at Night” Kindle Promo (Every 3 days) Schedule:

26/07/11 Black Shadows Simon Swift

29/07/11 Ragnar the Murderer Lily Byrne

01/08/11 BiteMarks Drew Cross

04/08/11 Toonopolis: Gemini Jeremy Rodden

10/08/11 Buying Time Janice Donnelly

07/08/11 The Bringer Samantha Towle

13/08/11 Belfast Girls Gerry McCullough

16/08/11 BJN David Kupisiewicz

19/08/11 Pooh Bridge Nigel Lampard

22/08/11 Beyond Nostalgia Tom Winton

25/08/11 The Bookie’s Runner Brendan Gisby

28/08/11 The Wilful Daughter Georgia Daniels

31/08/11 FTCOAWM Theodore Knell

03/09/11 Survival Instinct Declan Connor

06/09/11 Pa Weathery’s Chickens Paul Morris

09/09/11 The Abandoned Edge of Avalon Eden Tyler

12/09/11 Have A Nice Weekend Ian Ellis

15/09/11 Shakespeare’s Cuthbert Patrick Barrett

18/09/11 Shasta Summer Teresa Geering

21/09/11 TOM&TM George Polley

24/09/11 How To Meet A Guy At The Supermarket Jessica L. Degarmo

27/09/11 Raven Suzy Turner

30/09/11 Austin Nights Herocious

03/10/11 Unfamilar Country Tom Sharp

06/10/11 American Girl Violet Jones

09/10/11 Pinpoint Sheila Mary Taylor

12/10/11 Little Guide to the Unhip Kate Rigby

15/10/11 How can you mend this purple heart? Terry Gould

18/10/11 Trompe l’Oeil Russell Bittner

21/10/11 Cruiserweight Lori Carrington

24/10/11 Travels through love and time Christine Hall Volkoff

27/10/11 Buenos Aires – a train ride over the rainbow Paul Perry

30/10/11 New Beginnings Gail Metcalfe

03/11/11 Impeding Justice Mel Comley

06/11/11 Catherine’s Ring Elena Dorothy Bowman

09/11/11 Virtual Chaos Shawn Rohrbach

12/11/11 The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg Doug Bremner

15/11/11 Lost the plot Kate Rigby

18/11/11 Truth or Bare Richard Cahill

21/11/11 Geronim’s Skull John Daniel

24/11/11 Christmas Carols Jascha Kesslar

27/11/11 Confronting Cancer with the Qigong Edge Bob Ellal

30/11/11 Release your writing Helen Gallagher

03/12/11 Keeper of the Rings Nancy Cohen

06/12/11 The House in Windward Leaves Katherine Holmes

09/12/11 The Assassin’s Village Faith Mortimer

12/12/11 Qatari Voices Mohanalakshmi Phongsavan

15/12/11 Titanic Robert Walker

18/12/11 Rocket Man Bill Hazelgrove

21/12/11 Antman Robert Adams

28/12/11 St. Peter Killed God  Karl Kronlage


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