Speak Without Interruption and Night Reading join forces to promote Kindle e-books

Thanks to Bob Grant and Tim Roux for this information.



Speak Without Interruption  and Night Reading  are two international writers’ communities determined to give a platform to writers whose ideas might never otherwise get heard.

Speak Without Interruption specializes in enabling writers from across the world to freely publish articles to a global readership on any subject whatsoever, without vetting or censorship.

Night Reading promotes mutual support among independent authors and publishes 5-10 of their books a month via its publishing arm, Night Publishing, ‘bringing the mass of excellent writers to the mass of enthusiastic readers. Speak Without Interruption has around 1,000 visitors a day. Night Reading has 660 author members and 75 signed authors.

Bob Grant of Speak Without Interruption and Tim Roux of Night Reading have been friends for some time and greatly admiring of each others’ initiatives to give a voice to independent writers. Night Publishing has published the works of several contributors to SpeakWithoutInterruption and they have adopted several Night Readers as contributors to its international online magazine.

They have now decided to work together to promote books written by over 1,000 authors in their combined writers’ communities. Every three days they will recommend a high quality bargain 99c Kindle e-book to their combined audiences who will hopefully enjoy what they read as much as the authors will enjoy the extra exposure of their work.

This initiative is already popular with the authors and promotional slots are currently being booked three months ahead. Equally, on the first day of the promotion of the scheme’s second book – Ragnar the Murderer by Lily Byrne – it jumped 20,000 places in the Kindle rankings both in the US and in the UK.

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